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Add a shipping charge to your Paypal "Buy now" or "Add to cart" buttons... A Honey Bear Playhomes Tip...

Unfortunately the Yola Online Paypal widget doesn't yet offer this feature. However, you can add it to your site by visiting PayPal - and customizing the "Buy now" or "Add to Cart" button to include shipping costs set to your dollar amount per item and cost.

If you have set up shipping in your Paypal Profile and want to set a specific amount as the shipping basis for all your buttons, you need to:

1. Sign into your PayPal - account.
2. Click the "My account" tab
3. Click the "Profile" link (below the merchant services tab)
4. in the "Selling Preferences" column click the "Set Up Shipping Calculations" link
5. Click either the "Domestic" or "International" start button
6. Select currency and states you ship to and click "Continue" (You can set up zones with a different amount per zone or states)
7. (On next page) Set Up Domestic Shipping Methods (You can choose to calculate shipping based on Order Amount, Weight, or Quantity)
8. Click the "Continue" button
9. Verify information and click "Save shipping methods"

Here's how to edit your button to include shipping:

1. Sign into your PayPal - account.
2. Click the "Merchant services" tab in the horizontal menu.
3. Click the "Buy Now Button" or the "Add to Cart Button".
4. Choose button type and enter name and payment details.
5. In Paypal step 1 (Choose button type and enter payment details) for the "Shipping" section select from "Use settings saved in your PayPal profile" (steps 1-9 from above) or "Use specific amount" field (type your desired shipping amount)
6. When done editing click "Create Button".
7. In the next window and in the (Website) code box click the "Select Code".
8. Right click on the highlighted text and click "Copy".
9. Open your site editor and drag an HTML widget where you need it.
10. In the HTML widget paste the code.
11. Then Update your site.

Note that the buttons do not have the amount shown and you will have to add this to a text widget with item name and description. The Paypal window which opens when the button is clicked will show the price to reflect the shipping charges.

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