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Laura Thomas (Social Media Coordinator) June 03, 2011 19:45

Create A Full Photo Gallery On Your Site—In A Flash

You asked for it, and it’s here. Our new Picture Gallery widget is a smooth, easy path to creating a full photo gallery on your Yola site.

No more dragging and dropping individual photos and resizing them on your site, or using a third party application to create a photo gallery. With the Picture Gallery widget, you create your entire gallery in an easy-to-manage lightbox, filling it with as many pictures as you'd like. Then you simply drag and drop the lightbox gallery into your site – done!
Picture Gallery WidgetPicture Gallery Widget

The Yola Picture Gallery widget is a great way to quickly add larger collections of photos to your Yola site. You can use it to:

  • Show off your work with depth and impact.

  • Demonstrate your results with before-and-after image galleries.

  • Share pictures of events you’ve hosted.

The possibilities are endless. The features are easy to use. The benefits are huge.

Our new Picture Gallery widget lets you:

  • Create a simple, elegant photo gallery quickly with a lightbox.

  • Automatically add large sets of photos to your site in batches, rather than dragging and dropping pictures individually.

  • Allow visitors to see your images as easily as possible.

  • Add hover caption text to your images to identify people, products, or processes (captions appear when your visitor’s cursor hovers over the photo).

  • Edit, reorder, add or remove pictures from your gallery, quickly and easily.

  • Choose from among four great styles to custom-fit your site’s design.

Want one more reason to try out the Picture Gallery widget? When you add fresh content to your site (like a new, easy-to-manage photo gallery), you can increase visitors and page views.

Check out the new Picture Gallery widget – and add even more impact to your site today!
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