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Embed Presentations in your SynthaSite!

I find Zoho, a site to create presentations (the transition effects are too simple, but works really good), you create a presentation and then you can publish and embed as HTLM code in synthasite.

Works really good!!! (I use this presentation in my Home page, as a conventional flash presentation in motion). I have not publish my sinthasite yet, but you can see how does look the presentation at this link:

The Zoho web site is:
You have to publish your presentation and copy the HTLM code and paste in the HTLM editor in SynthaSite.

TIP: When you get your presentation HTLM code, add this code before IFRAME: =yes&TP=true
This code eliminate the Zoho logo in your presentation (¡we don't want banners in our web site!)

I show you my code as an example:

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