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How do you drive people to your website?

Hello everyone, I am looking for ideas on how to drive people to my website, or as the question implies how do you drive people to your website? I would love to hear your ideas!!
For me I am associated with other related groups and I market my web address on those sites. I am also continiously updating my website. I do a daily log, I add new pictures from time to time and yesterday I added a calendar of events page to the site. Since I am a struggling author and I want to plug my new book I have created bookmarks with my web address and I hand them out to people I meet. (could be the clerk at the grocery store, or the waiter at lunch, etc). I take every encounter as a possible sale so I market myself to everyone. I have now also created an author's business card with the website that I will be handing out in addition or along with the bookmark.
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