Photos not uploading...constantly hangs!

Hi, when I upload photos it constantly hangs on the Loading screen, very seldom it goes through and loads all the photos I selecet. Usually I select 5 or 6 photos and it uploads 2 or NONE!!! It is an absolute pain!

My photos I am uploading are as low as 600kb and a max of 1.1mb on some. I am using an iMac, I have tried my Macbook which is running Lion, and my iMac is running Snow Leopard. SO its not the OS

I have also tried the standard Safari browser as well as Opera. Please advise because I cannot carry on like this, its a pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im new to Yola but have learnt a logt of tricks, I even went with the Silver package as I thought it would be best....clearly not :(

Please assist.
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