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Seeking working examples of shopping cart websites in Yola

Hi there. I'm trying to find some samples of yola sites that use the shopping cart feature in its variety of forms. From what I can tell, there are only 1 or 2 sites in your gallery of yola sites that reference the use of that feature, and in those cases, I was unable to call up the site for various reasons (url timed out, site no longer offers shopping cart function, etc.).
Can you please provide me with 1-3 examples of sites that are currently up (and working) using the shopping cart function? I would like to see various examples of how the shopping cart can be integrated into a yola site. I am working with a client who is needing an e-commerce site for about 50 products and want to show her yola as an option. But without a working shopping cart site, I can't provide yola as an option to her.
Thank you.
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