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Yolasite.com now Available!

Did you know, you can now publish your sites to a shiny new yolasite.com subdomain!

You will see this option when you log into your account on your "My Sites" page. You will either have the option to publish to the yolasite version of your current synthasite.com domain, or a new name of your choosing.

You can also access this option via the publishing settings dialog box by clicking on "change subdomain".

Please note:
1) Once you change your subdomain there is no way to revert back to a synthasite.com subdomain, so make sure you really want to do this. You will be asked to type in the word "change" to confirm your choice.
2) You can keep publishing to your synthasite.com subdomain forever if you have an existing site on that domain. However, no new sites can be published to synthasite.com.
3) If you decide to change your subdomain, all your traffic to your synthasite.com domain will automatically redirect.
4) We will reserve the yolasite.com version of your current synthasite.com domain for you until the 31st of May. For example, if you own moniquesite.synthasite.com only you will be able to publish to moniquesite.yolasite.com during this time. After the 31st your old name will be released for general use. We have done this to give everyone a fair chance to secure the yolasite.com version of their existing domains.
5) If you decide to change subdomains, you will need to reconfigure anything that is URL sensitive, such as Google Webmaster, Google Analytics, JS-Kit comments etc.

If you have any questions, please let us know.
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