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visitors on my site
how do i see how many visitors have been on my site?
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side bar's to your website
make it htat thare is a side bar to your website that can go on the left or the right. (ex: for ads and calanders and other info if you...
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Adding games with SynthaSite
Can I add games to my site?
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Member logins
How do i put member logins on my website
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Can i make part of my site secure?
can i make certain pages of my site secure so you need a password to view them?
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Cut and paste, part 2!
Cut and paste? Thanks for your response, Monique, BUT I'm feeling like a right moron, because how do I copy the text from my site? If...
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How to get top ranking search engines
Some thoughts on how to get top ranking search engines: 1. Choose your keywords carefully Visit
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web hosting - ip address what is it?
Web Hosting: I'm note sure what step is next. I've created my website on SynthaSite, I have purchased a domain name ( and now I...
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