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Mouse Rollover Effect
Hello! How do you make a "mouse Roll-Over Effect" On What I mean by this, is how do you make there be an image on your site,...
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Jotform vs. Wuffo
I was just on my form creator "JotForm" and I was wondering if there could be a form widget like Wuffo to JotForm because JotForm is a to...
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Domain names
I am wanting to set up a website and have found that the domain name I want has been taken, although I cannot find an actual website that...
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What is going on Yola?
I just signed in my Yola account, and I was surprise with new messy look at Look at my screen shots In IE 9 It shows...
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Links ???
Im really not sure what to call what Im trying to do but , my site is just a blog , recipes and stuff. But I want it so you will click on...
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503 error
hi, i have been getting this error for about 5 mins and i have only added the disqus code to my blog. and i amd getting this
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Yola and my life story
Hello everyone and thank you for your time for reading this. Most likely that new members here don't know me but I still can remember...
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