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Create a Page Button
I want to place page buttons on my website similar to your I have the same question button found on the questions page.
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New SynthaSite Features Released!
We have just released some exciting new features. These include: 1) A brand new SynthaSite blogging platform 2) Online Store widget...
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Thank you for upgrading your wonderfull service. Now after this temporory closure of Senthasite, I can't see my arabic languge, it loo...
  • expat, 11 years ago

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Arabic & Other Languages
Hi, I found in Sinthasite a very pleasing and interesting site, really you deserve our thanks.... But unfortunately I noticed that the...
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Navigation Drop Down
i just Need to ask it is possible on SynthaSite To make the navigation have a drop down like a category E.g i will make a navigation t...
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