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any news on if yola is ever getting a iPhone app? ;)
I know theres been talks of it in the past but have been wondering recently if theres any more news on this yet?
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Feature Request!!!
Yola should autosave a page to a "draft" folder being worked on every ten minutes for emergency purposes. I just lost two hours of work ...
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Page url change?
ive just got a forum and want the page on my website to go to that page can you change it at your end or do I need to use a html redirect...
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Fotolia images integrated into Yola Sitebuilder
Hi Everyone! Today we announced the integration of Fotolia images into the Yola Sitebuilder. Read more about it on our blog: Yola Pro...
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Planned Downtime for published websites December 11, 2010
We are performing routine maintenance on the servers that host our published websites in order to make them more resistant to failure in ...
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