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It's time to face the music!
Certain websites may benefit from having music or other audio clips, but proceed with caution! Music that automatically plays upon enteri...
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Fancybox widget?
Is it possible to add a lightbox widget to the sitebuilder? I am a exprienced programmer and I have yola silver but putting on a lightbox...
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Jalbum widget
make a gallery widget for would need to ask for the url of the jalbum, like: and th...
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New From Google
Just saw that Google has a new search called Instant Search....What it does basically is that as you type you start to get search results...
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Stay Logged in feature
Hi, It would be so neat if there was a stay logged in feature so we can stay logged in even if our Browser crashes. because sometimes chr...
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Web page folders
I think that a really good thing to add to the site building sometime in the near future is the ability to make your web pages inside fol...
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