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Can I back up my site?
Greetings! I searched this topic before writing here, and found that the latest thread was three years old. So, I'm asking to learn if an...
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New Text widget - Status update
Hi All Yesterday we rolled out a new text widget. Our reasons for this were as follows: 1) The old one relied on outdated technolo...
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Let's make our good sites even better!
This is a suggestion for forum members: 1) Ask for feedback on your sites. You may get some great ideas. 2) Include your site address in ...
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Appalling After Sales
Yola have started ignoring my requests for assistance. Has anyone else had this problem? Have tried emailing, but they d...
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I (still) love Yola!
I usually do a little work on my site every week, but just this week I've had a chance to try out new widgets. They're great! I'm now usi...
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