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An undo feature?
An undo feature would be extremly useful. I was just editing my site (, and as you will notice if you visit ...
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wrap text around a picture
Hi there, i am trying to insert a picture into a text box so that text wraps around. The pic would be top RHS and text on top LHS and be...
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Pages still load slow...
Sometimes when I click on a button on my website it will take a good minute or 2 to load. Sometimes if you click once on a button, the ba...
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Feature Request!!!
Yola should autosave a page to a "draft" folder being worked on every ten minutes for emergency purposes. I just lost two hours of work ...
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Introducing Yola Pro
We have just released our first version of Yola Pro. Yola Pro allows users of free Yola accounts to upgrade to a premium package for $49...
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