• Editing CSS code - novice needs help

    Help, I have built a vertical navigation bar with a free CSS code builder which generates code. I have copied the files into the file manager, can anyone give me some advice as to how to edit the code I can't seem to make it work. Thanking you in advance. (2011-07-15)

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  • How to implement AV Arcade on SynthaSite?

    Hi, Does anybody have any idea of how to use AV Arcade on synthasite website? here is the AV Arcade site http://www.avscripts.net/avarcade/. And btw cheers for the synthasite customer support team they r awesome! (2009-03-24)

    · Answered · 4 replies
  • Does yola have a valid css template???

    website with valid css. Sadly, the yola template is preventing me from getting a valid result. I've tried 7 different … : http://www.campatet.com/ 33 body Value Error : background-repeat Parse Error : 34 body … Error : 35 body Value Error : background-attachment Parse Error : 231 .sys_txt … (2011-03-06)

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  • Changing Coloured Box

    I have light grey boxes in my website where I put news articles etc but it there a way to get the top section another colour so that I can put the headings in a different colour from the rest of the news. (2010-01-24)

    · Answered · 27 replies
  • problems with text in shop layout

    … or even edited, are there alternate fonts? Whilst these features may look OK if the ecwid generated store is going to make up the whole of your page, but they begin to look quite ridiculous if you have a large banner … (2013-10-28)

    · Answered · 26 replies
  • The Honey Bear had a shave and a hair cut...

    … wide style with a little shorter banner and the ability to show off more of my Honey background which I quite like. I feel in the end I will be very pleased with the results. I am already and I am not nearly done. I have made an near identical index page … (2009-06-25)

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  • Tables in yola possible or not?

    … Yola for more than a year now and just wondering if would it possible to make table with text and image inside like on this site http://abbotsfordgolfsection.yolasite... , the one with black background, sorry guys for the bad English … (2010-08-16)

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  • Rich text editor (easy to understand) needed.

    … , and have written new articles that need new sets. What I have been doing these last months is copying and pasting the older ones till it is getting to look over-done on my website. I have some framed sets, and have tried to go and click on each frame … (2009-09-17)

    · Answered · 3 replies
  • The Honey Bear went in for a face-lift...

    … the glossy honeycomb. Had to do a huge amount of graphic editing with removing the backgrounds to make them all transparent and creating the new menu and making the background but it was all worth it in the end. I particularly enjoy the addition of all the white space between the honeycombs as the look really brightens the site up and that was my intent. The flash … (2009-10-14)

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  • Horizontal Scroll Bar Activated When NOT Needed

    On one of my websites (www.royalsnation.org), my horizontal scroll bar is for some reason activated even though everything fits in the window. If you scroll over, it is just blank space. Does anyone know how to fix this? (2011-06-10)

    · Answered · 13 replies
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