• Why can't I delete an HTML widget on my site?

    I have been trying to delete an HTML widget, but it won't go away. I have change the style on webpage, cleared my browsering history, cleared my cache. nothing has happened. Is there a bug on the HTML widget?? (2010-07-26)

    · Answered · 15 replies
    • myportalberni You might give this a try as it clears most all bugs out. When you have a page lock out , remember the number 1 and it will help you out... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip... Worked for me every time... ;) (2010-11-18)
  • How do I embed video on top of a picture background?

    Hi everyone, I have a picture that I want to use on my homepage. Within the picture, I'd like to embed a video so the video plays with picture behind it as a backdrop. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Many thanks. (2011-01-11)

    · Answered · 8 replies
    • … useful please share my website with your social network friends.. Honey Bear Playhomes Tips and Favs in one place... A Honey bear Playhomes Tip ;) Justine... Didn't see your post until after I did mine... Been writing it on and off for the last hour … (2011-01-11)
  • How can I make a URL clickable in new window?

    Hi guys! I just created a partners page on my website. It's the last tab http://discountphotography.yolasite.c... I have listed some websites there. How could I make those websites clickable to they open in a new window? I am not good at using html. I... (2011-01-21)

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    • … building Ed If you find my threads useful please share my website with your social network friends Honey Bear Playhomes Tips and Favs in one place... A Honey bear Playhomes Tip … (2011-01-21)
  • Yola is experience technical difficulties. Please read this thread for more information.

    We are currently experiencing downtime due to network problems at our upstream provider. Regrettably this affects Yola.com, the sitebuilder and published sites. We are dependent on them and have every confidence that they will solve this problem as... (2010-02-02)

    · Solved · 101 replies · 20
  • Repeat of DOS attack: affects published sites.

    Hi All It is with the deepest possible regret that I have to inform you that we are definitely experiencing a repeat of the DOS attack (hackers) for the second time this week: http://forum.yola.com/yola/topics/net... We are working with our hosting... (2010-02-07)

    · Solved · 29 replies · 2
  • how to add a roating banner to our website

    i am looking to add a roating banner, how can i do so? (2010-07-09)

    · Answered · 6 replies
    • Hey Ftlaro, If you don't already have a rotating image file, Try this awesome tutorial writter by another champ called 'Ed' Rotating Banner Honey Bear Playhomes Tip (2010-07-09)
  • Has Yola started enabling cool drop-down menus yet?

    I am looking to purchase yearly membership but would like to know if professional drop-down menus have been implemented yet??? From a post i have searched, it states they will be available early 2011 but i cant seem to find it...Help Please! (2011-04-06)

    · Answered · 42 replies
  • Use myspace layouts for your background!

    Ever thought you couldn't use Myspace layouts and backgrounds just because it says MYSPACE? "Hey I just wanted to share with yall' that myspace layouts and backgrounds work for yola sites! Just look up myspace backgrounds or layouts and copy the html on... (2009-06-10)

    · 7 replies
  • Our search for the BEST OF SynthaSite is now underway!

    Do you or someone you know have a SynthaSite website that has what it takes to be the Best of SynthaSite? Does the website have a focused purpose, visual appeal, and/or innovative use of widgets? We'd LOVE to hear about it! To nominate a website, fill... (2008-10-29)

    · 149 replies · 2
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