• How can I embed photo slideshows the are viewable on iPad (i.e. non-flash)?

    … embed a photo slideshow in my website that is readable on iPad (i.e. non-flash). I tried Slide.com but it doesn't work with iPad. I have a product called … (2011-06-08)

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  • Online store problems please help !!

    Does anyone know how to change the text colour for the titles of your products in an online store? http://www.mjs-trade-outlet.co.uk/gen... if you goto that page you will see the descriptions are very hard to read (2012-03-14)

    · Answered · 50 replies
  • online store on yola site builder

    website and am sorting out the online store, is there a way of having the description displayed of the … having a big long description all over the page ?... as my descriptions of my products (generators and air compressors) are quite long and technical, … (2011-05-26)

    · Answered · 2 replies
  • Adding wow slider to my yola page.

    … wow slider slideshow onto my website. I can create one using wow,this isn't a problem, I can find the HTML code (which I open with notepad ++) but when I copy … (2013-10-17)

    · Answered · 4 replies
  • Custom Scroll Bar for Navigation Menu

    … side navigation menu that is similar to the scroll bar you see on this website: http://elitemodel.com/results.aspx?su... I have a pure black background so something like that but with a longer silver … (2011-08-16)

    · Answered · 6 replies · 2
  • Music without the MP3 player showing?

    … ground. I want to play background music without the widget MP3 player showing. I have tried to copy the source code generated by the widget and then replace it with HTML if that makes sense and then mucking … (2012-11-06)

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  • Paypal drop down menu not centered

    My paypal add to cart button with drop down menu doesn't center. I click the 'center' button in the html code area but it just moves the add to cart button while the drop down menu is still lop sided. Help please? (2011-02-09)

    · Answered · 56 replies
  • How can I get more visitors to my site?


    · Answered · 117 replies · 18
  • Vertically scroll a series of images on the page?

    I would like to create a vertical column of scrolling images; nothing fancy, just one after another, connected, like a filmstrip. I can do it with Slide but they have some really hideous that display. Is there anything else available besides Slide? (2010-08-21)

    · Answered · 25 replies
  • opinion about browser languages!

    If a book on browser languages (html, css, php, coldfusion, others) was written and explained in full detail. Would it sell? If so, what's a good price? Figure 200 to 450 pages, softcover, manufacturing cost about $7.50 plus publisher's royalty share... (2009-11-01)

    · Answered · 19 replies
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