I added a comment box. The back of my website is black. I can't read the comments. (2008-07-19)

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  • COMBINING TEXT to Bkgrnd?!!!

    UGHH- So I want to combine my background with my text and everything else I have on my website. Is there a way to do that on YOLA? Very important I have to post up my music and send it out to my Producers with a Catchy PAGE! THANKS (2009-09-16)

    Tags: text, background, good formatting

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  • Lets share the useful links you come across

    Many a time we find some very useful stuff like widgets, awesome xyz makers, free services and lot other, that may be not as useful for us but for someone else it may mean alot..!!! most of us who are enthusiastic and creative, search around here and... (2008-08-11)

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  • A Pretty awesome FREE online banner maker for the novice to expert in all of you... A Honey Bear Playhomes Tip...

    … educational way to become a pro at it. Use their provided backgrounds or upload an image of your own, Use literally … great free banner generator/maker. Additionally, you can specify banner … (2009-08-05)

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  • How to edit a style template?

    … slightly edit a style template? I've made a wedding website for our forthcoming celebration next year. The nicest style is 'Decayed … (2009-06-04)

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  • How I Got High Google Page Ranks with Synthasite

    … instead of trying to knock them down the rank.) I don't know how Google factors traffic generated from various social networking sites (including EntreCard), but to the extent that it generates pass-through traffic or bartered traffic, Google has certainly figured out a way to discount it. Fact: the best thing you can do is make your site as wonderful and easy … (2008-07-03)

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  • Can the banner image be an swf flash file?

    Is it possible to replace the banner image with an swf flash file. I know this can be done with other website builders but can it be done in Yola? (2010-08-20)

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  • Hep me with my menu buttons, hep me, lol!!!

    … anymore and I am really tired. I have not gotten my design done of my website and if I don't get it done today, that means I can't populate my website with text and my store:( HELP!! All I want is a pretty … (2009-06-27)

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  • Making a custom menu, could use some help

    generator and the menu looks great, but unsure of why I can't get it … features-..." target="_self">Background

  • Website Directories
--> it makes the menu … (2010-04-27)

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  • A rotating Banner with many images in one... A Honey Bear Playhouse tip...

    … . http://honeybearplayhomes.synthasite.... I created my main background image with no text with this free generator. Just input the banner dimensions … dimensions for the banner of my chosen style. (Just crop to the outside of the main background image as this is the dimensions of your style banner then resize … (2009-03-01)

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