• Anyone know of any good csss menus?

    hi, i sam making another website, like lees hexham site but for an area close to home, Filey UK for the site i need a new menu but i cant find one, please can i have some suggestions? Alex http://sportie.yolasite.com (2009-07-07)

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  • image enlarge on mouseover, help!?

    … : 10px; } a:hover{ height: 20px; } #image1{ background-image: url("smaller_image_source.jpg"); } #image1 … (2010-09-22)

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  • Try out our new Flyover Menu

    … introduce a new website menu feature. This feature can be used to display second level menu items in a flyover … (2012-10-21)

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  • I downloaded this and now what?

    … http://www.boonex.com and I want to use it to allow intuitive readers to create their own psychic adviser listings. Anyway, I downloaded it and have no idea what to do next. I need to somehow get it onto a website...can anyone help? Oh, and I'm using a Mac … (2009-05-10)

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  • Can anyone help me

    Hey can any one assist me how to create slide show from this website can anyone put the code in one form and tell me how it will start showing slideshow http://www.techrepublic.com/article/s... how to add pictures and how to make it work plz help me (2011-05-30)

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  • Editing CSS code - novice needs help

    Help, I have built a vertical navigation bar with a free CSS code builder which generates code. I have copied the files into the file manager, can anyone give me some advice as to how to edit the code I can't seem to make it work. Thanking you in advance. (2011-07-15)

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  • My site is behaving differently in Internet Explorer

    … ... Why is this? 2. I put a flash code on my website, of course in firefox it works just fine, but in IE, nothing happens, doesn't work. What might be the reason for this? 3. My background is stable in IE sitting directly center of the page, but when the small vertical … (2010-03-03)

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  • How to implement AV Arcade on SynthaSite?

    Hi, Does anybody have any idea of how to use AV Arcade on synthasite website? here is the AV Arcade site http://www.avscripts.net/avarcade/. And btw cheers for the synthasite customer support team they r awesome! (2009-03-24)

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  • Does yola have a valid css template???

    website with valid css. Sadly, the yola template is preventing me from getting a valid result. I've tried 7 different … : http://www.campatet.com/ 33 body Value Error : background-repeat Parse Error : 34 body … Error : 35 body Value Error : background-attachment Parse Error : 231 .sys_txt … (2011-03-06)

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  • Changing Coloured Box

    I have light grey boxes in my website where I put news articles etc but it there a way to get the top section another colour so that I can put the headings in a different colour from the rest of the news. (2010-01-24)

    · Answered · 27 replies
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