• Sliced Images

    Hello, is it possible to use sliced images with Synthasite please? thanking you in advance Lycan76 (2009-01-20)

    · Answered · 9 replies
  • Drop Down Menu

    Hello, How do you make a Drop Down Menu? (2010-08-28)

    · Answered · 39 replies
  • Is my site alright?

    Hi everyone! I hope all is good with you. I think, for me, it's about that time to get an opinion! I've been making a yola site and tweeking it for a while. I'm no pro web designer so I don't know how good it is. I 'spose the best way is to get feed... (2011-04-07)

    · Answered · 22 replies
  • What is difference between php and html formats?

    Hi everyone.I wantedto ask what is the difference between html and php formats?Also I wanted to know whether we can make an html webpage with yola(eg-mysite.yolasite.com/mypage.html instead of mysite.yolasite.commypage.php)?? (2009-05-26)

    · Answered · 22 replies
  • Why does yola want our pages to load slower than they have to?

    Yola adds A LOT of unnecessary codes and the less a browser has to read, the faster it'll display the page. Take this excerpt code for example... <!-- <p align="justify"><font color="#bbff33" size="3">Linguistics is narrowly defined as the... (2010-08-13)

    · Answered · 21 replies
  • How can I edit the menu bar and menu text

    Hi Gop, 1. I would like to change my current menu to run vertically instead of horizontally?. Do I have change my template or can i change it another way? 2. How can i upload a font that I'd like to use for my menu text and position it exactly where i... (2013-01-22)

    · Answered · 88 replies
  • Needing a bit of CC.

    Synthasite gurus, take a moment if you dont mind to look at my updated lithuanian site. www.ahouseofcourage.synthasite.com I dont want to go much further until I know I am building this one properly. I like my screwy tabs on the side..but would... (2009-03-24)

    · Answered · 26 replies
  • New navbar feedback

    This was the only menu code I could understand so I thought I would try it out. I'd like some feedback and whether there are any other easy alternatives I could try out. Only problem is that when I click on a page in the menu, it opens a new page. Anyway... (2009-11-25)

    · Answered · 20 replies
  • Changing font and color in a scrolling marquee HTML code?

    I have a Scrolling Marquee on my site, i was wondering if i could add something to the Html code to make it a different font and color 'Welcome To Vanna's Gifts ~N~ Things' This is the code i used <!--marquee behavior="scroll"... (2009-10-03)

    · Answered · 7 replies
    • … height, text and text color/size, background color to match your style, direction and … generated code into an HTML widget onto your website. I will caution you that as this is a Myspace generator there have been known to be those generators that are meant … (2009-10-03)
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