• How to create a web page without using a template?

    How can you start with a blank page with SynthaSited without using a template? I do not want to use a template. I want to create my own web page from scratch. Is here jusst a white page to start with? (2008-04-07)

    · Answered · 52 replies · 8
  • What you think of my changes ??

    I've made a few changes to my site. (A whole weeks worth) What you think....Feedback appreciated !! http://www.helderberg.cc/ (2009-04-30)

    · Answered · 44 replies
  • Members page

    I have created a site for a friend of mine. A single over 40 year old who wanted to start a social club... I have seen on "free sites" that you can create a members page to invite members and "chat" to them... kind of like blogs but not blogs! How do i... (2009-02-18)

    · Answered · 47 replies
  • Sold sign

    Hi Does anyone know if when something is sold i can change the 'out of stock' text to 'sold'? Cheers, Claire x (2012-12-10)

    · Answered · 19 replies
  • change menu bar font colour and size

    how can i change the menu bar font colour and size on the the evergreen template (2009-04-24)

    · Answered · 15 replies · 3
  • Review My Newly Updated Site?

    Please can you review my site and tell me if it needs any more improvement! www.theteenscene.info I Would just like to take this time to thnak everyone at yola for helping me with codes and problems Especially Monique And Littleus Round Of Applause... (2009-07-24)

    · Answered · 24 replies
  • How do I get a Sub Menu

    How do I get a Sub Menu, for example, " Products " in the Products Menu I wish to have two or three Sub Menu, which meants I will have a new interface in each of the Sub Menu. Thanks... (2008-11-22)

    · Answered · 7 replies · 3
  • Can you add flash to a yola site? Content Images? Banner? Both?

    I would like to add a section with rotating quotes on the home page of my site. I would also like to add flash images to sites that allow a banner change. Can either of these be done? How?? (2009-06-04)

    · Answered · 13 replies · 2
  • HTML Help

    My problem is that sometimes when I paste some code in the HTML widget it takes every word and puts it on one line. What do I do? (2009-06-11)

    · Answered · 12 replies
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