• Vertically scroll a series of images on the page?

    I would like to create a vertical column of scrolling images; nothing fancy, just one after another, connected, like a filmstrip. I can do it with Slide but they have some really hideous that display. Is there anything else available besides Slide? (2010-08-21)

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  • opinion about browser languages!

    If a book on browser languages (html, css, php, coldfusion, others) was written and explained in full detail. Would it sell? If so, what's a good price? Figure 200 to 450 pages, softcover, manufacturing cost about $7.50 plus publisher's royalty share... (2009-11-01)

    · Answered · 19 replies
  • Help needed in Resizing the banner image

    Hi, I am testing a premium template - radiant music. Is it possible to reduce the length of the banner image. Currently it is 945 x 343 pixels - i need to make 200 x 343... No options from template.. When i open HTML i don't see any mention of banner... (2010-09-07)

    · Answered · 42 replies
  • How do you change fonts and size of categories?

    Hi there i want to be able to change the font and the font size of my categories is this possible? (2012-03-20)

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  • Please take a look at my home page

    I've been working hard at improving my home page. What I'm especially proud of are my buttons and my mailing form. I was able to customize my mailing form to blend with my site. Tell me what you think?! Also.. do you like the picture widget or do you... (2009-04-05)

    · Answered · 35 replies · 2
  • Any simple ways to customize cursor or add image to follow cursor?

    Are there any simple ways to 1. change a cursor to customized image (not "wait", "help", "wait" cursor etc, but my own jpg or gif image) or 2. have a jpg or gif image follow default cursor as the cursor moves? without uploading external .js file?... (2010-03-13)

    · Answered · 11 replies
  • Has Yola started enabling cool drop-down menus yet?

    I am looking to purchase yearly membership but would like to know if professional drop-down menus have been implemented yet??? From a post i have searched, it states they will be available early 2011 but i cant seem to find it...Help Please! (2011-04-06)

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  • How do stop people right clicking and saving images

    How do stop people right clicking and saving images (2008-06-26)

    · Answered · 38 replies · 15
  • Is there a SynthaSite member in every country in the world?

    Great people of the SynthaSite family... I'd like to paint my google analytics country map green, and city map orange. If you live anywhere in the world other than Orlando, Florida please visit my site. I'd love to hear from you as well... use my request... (2008-09-10)

    · Answered · 104 replies

    hi! http://filey.yolasite.com/ has had a had a halloween makeover! its tiny compared to my Xmas makeover! what do you think of it? i know you cant see the logo text unless you hover over it but thats no biggy, it will be down in a few days, alex (2009-10-31)

    · Answered · 24 replies
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