hi! http://filey.yolasite.com/ has had a had a halloween makeover! its tiny compared to my Xmas makeover! what do you think of it? i know you cant see the logo text unless you hover over it but thats no biggy, it will be down in a few days, alex (2009-10-31)

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  • Favicon.cc

    http://favicon.cc you can make a favicon for free, no watermark, no link back, its FREE! you can have a still image of an animated seriese of images, its realy awsome!! try it! no sign up required, alex http://filey.yolasite.com/ (2009-08-04)

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  • New Great Yola style Modal Box!!!!

    Recently, I read this topic from Nathan, a champ, about the script of the modal box script for the modal boxes of Yola, (Click Here for that article). Well, after some work, I have managed to make a near duplicate of the boxes that Yola uses over here.... (2011-01-20)

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  • please give me an opinion!

    I want an honest opinion on the APPEARANCE of this site. I only have one set of lyrics available but please navigate from the home page all the way to the lyrics and tell me if it looks good. Click on the # sign to the left... click on 10 Years, click... (2009-04-10)

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  • Sluggish and Crashes

    Ok, I know we had recent trouble with the server and maybe my site is getting to "fat" (if there is such a thing). When I go to my site it loads slowly and crashes frequently. The crashes are usually on pages with animations. Anyone know if this is a... (2008-09-08)

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  • Sliced Images

    Hello, is it possible to use sliced images with Synthasite please? thanking you in advance Lycan76 (2009-01-20)

    · Answered · 9 replies
  • Banner is backfilled with black in addition to my image

    I have experienced black boxes next to my image in the header. How do I remove them? (2013-06-10)

    · Answered · 31 replies · 3
  • Drop Down Menu

    Hello, How do you make a Drop Down Menu? (2010-08-28)

    · Answered · 39 replies
  • Is my site alright?

    Hi everyone! I hope all is good with you. I think, for me, it's about that time to get an opinion! I've been making a yola site and tweeking it for a while. I'm no pro web designer so I don't know how good it is. I 'spose the best way is to get feed... (2011-04-07)

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  • What is difference between php and html formats?

    Hi everyone.I wantedto ask what is the difference between html and php formats?Also I wanted to know whether we can make an html webpage with yola(eg-mysite.yolasite.com/mypage.html instead of mysite.yolasite.commypage.php)?? (2009-05-26)

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