• Another FREE (468x60) banner generator for all you non-commercial website builders out there... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

    … I figure why not post it as well. BannerBreak's FREE online banner generator allows you to use dozens of super high … for your website or blog. http://bannerbreak.com/banner-maker/ Simple generator layout, easy to understand setting controls with the ability … (2011-06-08)

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  • An easy and free one line banner generator great for the novice user... A Honey Bear Playhomes Tip...

    … does not have all the bells and whistles of many of the other online banner generators out there but this one is probably one of the easiest for the beginner user to use. 14 different color and image backgrounds for creating a 468px … (2009-08-05)

    Tags: banner generator

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  • Free online flash banner ad and image banner ad generator. A HoneyBearPlayhomes tip

    … ads with thousands of combination's and no watermarks. http://www.banner-generator.net/en/ For the image banners (jpeg or png) you simply: 1 … . Just a few examples: Click the next one to see it animated. I created the rotating banner effect with this free generator. Mine is set to 3 seconds intervals … (2009-03-16)

    Tags: banner ad generator, banner ads, create banners, banner generator

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  • A Pretty awesome FREE online banner maker for the novice to expert in all of you... A Honey Bear Playhomes Tip...

    … cool features in this banner maker that you can get lost for days in all its awesome possibilities. I simply recommend that you give it a workout and learn … ... All in all a really great free banner generator/maker. Additionally, you can specify banner dimensions or crop the produced banner image to fit your banner for your website if you place the text properly … (2009-08-05)

    Tags: banner maker, banner generator, banners

  • Freekin Awesome FREE Flash Menu Maker for Flash Menus, Animated Email Buttons, Scrolling Text, Banners and much more!

    … include another thread with the link to a website I made which has 27 generators with thousands of different possibilities for flashvortex flash … Email Buttons *Scrolling Text *Banners *and much more! To simplify the installation process I have included a … (2008-11-26)

    Tags: flash menus, animated email buttons, scrolling text, banners, menus, flash banners

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    • … to add the main website to the online flash menu, banner and more generator. http://www.flashvortex.com/index.php There are 14 really great flash banners there... I placed their menu … (2009-06-28)
  • What is the best banner making tool?

    … recommend, preferably one with flash (swf) capability? I have seen Banner Maker Pro mentioned but I would like to be sure before I commit the cash … (2009-06-26)

    Tags: banner, banner maker, flash

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    • … trial offer for 15 days I believe! Another option is Banner Fans or this one that another one of our users, Alex, mentioned in a thread a little while ago: Flash banner generator. Here is the thread: http://getsatisfaction.com/yola/topics … (2009-06-26)
    • … versions come with some sort of watermark which can be quite distracting to your visitors. http://www.banner-generator.net/en/flash-bannergenerator.html http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res … (2009-06-26)
  • banner help

    Can you use the banner from one template on another template? (2009-04-13)

    Tags: banner

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  • Help creating banners please?

    How do I create and upload a good quality banner? I want to use 2 of my own images, but all the free online banner generators will let you have one max. (2011-02-12)

    Tags: banner, help, yola, my yola

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  • I want to create a banner rotator script.

    … rotator script using this tool: http://www.htmlbasix.com/banner.shtml However, I don't know where (possibly a image host or whatever) to upload the pictures to from my computer … (2013-01-12)

    Tags: image hosting, image, upload, banner rotator, banner, image url

    · Answered · 7 replies
    • … , The rotator referred to in this thread is the Javascript Banner Rotator Generator by HTML Basix. You go to that link and input the data that would be supplied by your affilliates through sharesasale into the banner rotator generator. It then produces the HTML code required … (2014-02-20)
  • Can the banner image be an swf flash file?

    Is it possible to replace the banner image with an swf flash file. I know this can be done with other website builders but can it be done in Yola? (2010-08-20)

    Tags: banner, flash, adobe, sockwave

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    • … aakashkan19 if you should want to go this route: If you would like to add a rotating banner to your banner area, the Animated GIF Generator is a neat program … ) so that you can create your banner to be the proper size. Now you're ready to begin! 1. Go to this link: Animated GIF Generator 2 … (2010-08-20)
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