• A cool repeating image dot background generator for your website... A Honey bear playhomes tip...

    … HEX color values in the generator for the background settings to your notepad or a piece of paper as you will … value the same as your created banner your website will never have that cut off look at the bottom with a white strip. Just for example I added it … (2011-02-10)

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  • Another great FREE website button generator. A Honey Bear Playhomes Tip...

    … excellent resolution. Things to keep in mind when using this generator that I learned through playing around with it myself... 1) If you get locked out … PNG images with transparent backgrounds if you want to add some images to your buttons. http://forum … (2009-08-02)

    Tags: website button, website buttons, buttons, button generator

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  • A free and easy repeating image background generator for your website... A HoneyBearPlayhomes tip

    … patterns/images to be used for a host of things such as a web page backgrounds and creative banners. Create your own custom image … (2009-03-15)

    Tags: background image, background patterns

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  • Make your site stand out with a FREE Web 2.0 website ribbon... Another HoneyBearPlayhomes tip...

    … a link, and place it in the upper right corner of your website. It takes you less than 5 minutes to generate your own ribbon and add a Web2.0 look to your website. Attract your site's visitor’s attention to: 1) New features 2) Announcements … (2009-03-15)

    Tags: website ribbons, #key resources

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  • Use myspace layouts for your background!

    … or layouts and copy the html on the site them put it on your site and waa llaahh! There you have a cool looking background on your site! warning: this does not cover your banner though." Website that contains layouts and backgrounds: http://www.glitter-graphics.com/ My website for example: http://lauramayd.yolasite … (2009-06-10)

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  • How To Create a Website

    … is a free tutorial site, where you will learn how to create a website using easy to understand, website builders, like Yola, articles … (2011-08-26)

    Tags: how to create a website, create a website, create, website

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  • Need help with table background color!

    … threads regarding this topic and haven't found the answer. I am trying to put a white background within a table but don't know how to go about it. If I am just dealing with html I can get close but not close enough. Any suggestions … (2009-01-12)

    Tags: table, background, color

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  • How has a Honey Bear Playhomes tip(s) helped your website building experience?

    … ago. Realizing that the main thread may not show up in a forum search for any one particular problem, feature, website freebie or anything else and as I don't have tracking in each of my several hundred threads I don't know how often they are searched … (2011-10-04)

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    • … &x=0&y=0&style=topics website background generator: http://forum.yola.com/yola/searches?query=website+background+generator&x=0&y=0&style=topics I agree that the main thread is a hodgepodge of resources … (2011-10-10)
  • Create a Twitter like logo for your website with this free online generator... A Honey Bear playhomes Tip...

    … image for your website. http://www.twitlogo.com/ The border is originally set to white and looks good on a colored background but is not seen on a white one. The generated images have a transparent background and look great on any color or image you may want for your website background. You can edit … (2009-08-04)

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  • Let's shout out and share our Yola websites!

    I am having a great time working on my site...when you visit, please bookmark to come back to see the progress and give your feedback. Here is my site www.klouda.us about petz (tattooing, food, and more to come!). Now it's your turn :) (2008-03-17)

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