2nd language subomain in a yola site

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Ok i am currently designing a site with the yola site buider.

FOR THE MOMENT, i would like to keep it as a yola subdomain, until i have the greatest idea dor the name of it (since the one i want tactus.org is allready taken)

I want to have 2 subdomains in my site

1 regarding the greek language and 1 regarding the english language.

Basicly i want people to be able to choose language in the first page the see and then be redirected to the appropriate subdomain

(ex. eng.tactus.org or gr.tactus.org)

Also, later on I would like to add a third language (italian) and so on....

CAN I DO THAT? Or does anyone have any better ideas on how to have a site in two languages?

Thank you,

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Posted 10 years ago

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Yes you can do!

But the bad news is, you need to build the entire site.(like wikipedia.org has done, not like Google)

I replied to a similar topic, but I couldnt locate it.

If you can, check last week's posts. There is a topic about multi language site.
You can find the exact answer there.
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Hello Asgartha

You certainly can create a multi-language site! At the moment we only have an English version of our website and site builder. However, with regard to the creation of your own website, Yola supports UNICODE. This means that you can create a site in any language, as long as you have the necessary keyboard and browser settings.

When it comes to arranging your various pages you could do a few different things; it's all up to you.

One idea would be to have your navigation (menu) links be links which would take the user to either the English or French (supposing those were the two languages you were using) areas of the site. You could then arrange each area using text links. So when a user clicked on the French navigation button they would taken to a "Home Page" for that language, then you could have text links going to each of the sub-pages for that language. Here is a tutorial that will explain creating sub pages: Creating sub pages.

Another option would be to use a template option with a vertical navigation (menu down the side) as this is a good option if you have many pages. You could have a number of English pages on your navigation, and then those same pages but in French. You could alternate one English then one French, or have all of the English pages then the French pages.

Please note that the navigation is a feature of the style you select. Here is a link to more information on the attributes of the different styles: Yola Style Feature Filter.

If you wish to use a translator as Tyler suggested, we also have a tutorial on how to add one of these to your site: Adding a Translate Widget

I hope this is helpful to you. Should you require more assistance please let us know.
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thank you, dan
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Hi, you could also make your homepage a "select language" page and you could remove the navigation menu and everything just on the 'index" (home) page and you could have like "Select your language" and then 2 big links that say "Greek" and "English" Then when they click it they go to either sub domain. But, you'll have to create 2 different websites on your account. Actually 3. One will be the select language with just one page and then the 2 other ones will be the Greek one and the English one. The reason you have to do this is because you can't have a sub-domain just for one page. It will only work for the whole website. But, I am sure Yola will create a feature like that some day where you can publish one page to a sub-domain name.

If you have any questions about this please ask. :)

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Hi asgartha,

I have built my website in two languages previously, each page has a "sister" page in the other language, using the "save as" function. The menu issue is a little tricky, but not too complicated to make the new menus with a good (and free) menu generator. Using one, you don't need to deal with any special HTML coding, just follow the instructions of the menu generator. I used this one: http://flashvortex.com - it was very easy to use. For further information see the following topic, hopefully you could find it useful: http://tinyurl.com/yfy7vw6

This is about my first steps and you can find a lot of useful information I've got about the topic of "how to create a 2 language website using Yola?"

Happy sitebuilding!:)