A few questions before I take the plunge with Synthasite:

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A few questions before I take the plunge with Synthasite:
Can one add Adsense within body copy?
Can one add rotating banners?
Can one do site-wide updates (eg add Analytics to all pages automatically?)
Can one have a newsletter subscription button - is there a backend database to handle signups?

Synthasite seems really impressive. It would helpful to know what it CANNOT do maybe?

Many thanks.

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Posted 11 years ago

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Official Response
Hi synthaprospect

I have been following this thread. Ruth and Marije have mostly answered you. I would just like to highlight a few points. I appreciate the fact that you are taking the trouble to find out what the limitations of SynthaSite are before you make a commitment.

The biggest restrictions to SynthaSite at the moment that you should be aware of are that:
1) Changes need to be made to each page. This applies to any tracking code you might add as well as features like banner headers, favicons, edits to page heading text etc. We do not have an "apply to all" feature yet, as Marije mentioned. If this is going to be a significant problem to you then you need to consider this carefully before making a commitment. Hopefully we will address this issue in future as we understand the importance of this functionality.
2) The SynthaSite styles: Our current styles offer a degree of flexibility. You can change the colour palette and banner image on some of the styles. The body region of the page is also fully customizable. However, certain aspects of the style are fixed, such as the header type face, the menu link colour and position and the footer. Once again we are working on adding more and better styles with more customization options. But you would need to consider how much of a frustration our current styles would present with the project you have in mind.
3) Back-end database. We do not have this functionality at the moment. There are workarounds available with services like Wufoo and aWeber. It is also possible to use any other service that provides HTML embed code. However, your data would be stored in your Wufoo or aWeber account, or the account of whatever service you elected to use.

Something you will find useful:
1) SEO tools: SynthaSite allows you to add metatags and Google Webmaster code. We also have some active discussions on SEO in our forum where you can get help for your site. Some of our active community members have achieved very good results with their sites.

My advice to you would be to sign up for a free SynthaSite account and play around on a small test site. This will enable you to find out quickly what you can and cannot do so that you can make a decision as to whether SynthaSite is the right choice for the project you have in mind.

Please note that SynthaSite is still a beta product. This means that when we release a new feature we make sure that it is carefully tested. We pursue excellence in everything that we do. However, SynthaSite is by no means a finished product and we have many new features still to come. So while we might not have everything you need right now, we are very responsive to our community and we appreciate hearing from you about new features you would like to see. We have some exciting ones lined up in the next few months, so keep an eye on us!