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Happy site building

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Honey Bear Playhomes Tips and Favs in one place... A Honey bear Playhomes Tip ;)
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Posted 9 years ago

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Thanks for this tip, Ed! Did you get a new laptop? I remember when you said your laptop died. I'm glad that you've been back! :) I don't know how you post so much tips, but you rock at it. I think you should create a website with all of these tips on it (or links to these threads) and I'm sure it'll get a lot of hits! That would be a very good site for all Yola users and anyone thats into web designing.

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Laptop is still in the process of dying as we speak and I figured while "it" and I was able I (we) would get as many tips as I can out before either of us kicks it... ;) Mind you, I will most likely last a good while longer than it will. ;)

Currently, (in addition to the hard drive clunking sound which irritates me to constantly hear) the keyboard does this messed up routine of deleting what I type one letter at a time which forces me to sit there and see hours of typing gone with nothing that I can do to stop it but to run my hand across the keyboard to try and un-stick the key(s) causing the problem. Oddly enough, it is not the delete or back key. Tre bizzare. Regardless, after I run my hand across the keyboard it often closes that screen and I have to begin again all over.

As it is an old XPS M1710 built for (in the day) gaming it has the habit of getting a bit too hot and shutting itself off which made me build a platform for it to sit on allowing for airflow underneath. I cannot even put the battery in because it had a habit of burning my lap and melting down.

It is as I feel constantly on its last leg. I will give it a good burial when that time does come. ;) I have had it apart and in pieces countless times to keep it alive this past year or so.

I wish that I could afford a new one but alas my monies go to more medical related issues. If I ever win the lottery then I will buy another laptop with another 17" screen because it makes building sites that much more enjoyable.

I have been on a tip writing binge to get as many out as I can before the computer does fry out. Like I have said before... I would rather my tips be in the forums so that when and or if I am not here they will always remain for Yola will always leave the light on so to speak. If I had them on a site of my own then should I not be here to keep the site going they would disappear I am sure. Oh, maybe I should see if they can watch my baby bear should something happen. Leave it in my will perhaps LOL "I bequeath my website to Yola in the hopes that they keep it active and live so that future members can still visit as an example" LOL

Anyway, we will see what we see when we see what we see.
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Hi, Ed,

Nice one. There's uhhh, a couple sources in there that you might not want to pick for a Yola site! ;)
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(Blushing)... LOL I never even clicked on or noticed that one. ;) LOL

Good catch...