A quick and painless way to retrieve accidentally deleted content on pages or a site recently deleted.... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

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Accidentally delete something that you wish that you didn't... There might be a way to get it back if you are lucky.

If your pages have been indexed already the quickest way that I found to retrieve last data and content when you accidentally delete a page or your site:

1) Open the page that you accidentally deleted the content from and copy the full URL address to that page.
2) Open Google Chrome (Download if necessary) and go to the Goolge.com search engine.
3) Paste the URL from the deleted page into the Google search and press the "Search" button
4) Find the result which matches the page that you deleted the content from and click the "Cached" text link directly after the URL. (If your page has not yet been cached/indexed then you will not see a "Cached" link after your URL and this won't work... Sorry.
5) If you are lucky then you will find the page exactly as it was before the accident and can copy the text from the site and paste it into a text editor (wordpad/notepad) and then copy the text from the text editor to paste it into your website once again. You need to copy and then paste and then copy and then paste in this manner so that you remove any coding that might be attached which might mess your site up once pasted into a text widget.

If you need to retrieve HTML, scripts or CSS then in the cached Google Chrome page simply:

1) Click the little wrench icon in the toolbar.
2) Click "Tools" then click "View source"
3) Find your lost/deleted scripts or CSS and paste it into an HTML widget on your site to make the missing content reappear.

This I hope will help you out and save the day either now or in the future.

Happy site building

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Posted 9 years ago

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Goolge.com? LOL (hey, it still works)

Thanks for the tip! I have done this before and I recovered it. Actually one time I was in the middle of coding JavaScript into the site tracking code and I didn't know that it automatically saves when you exit out of the box. The code didn't have the </script> tag and it ruined every single page — and even worst, it ruined the Site tracking code dialog box meaning I couldn't delete the code out.

But, thankfully, I didn't publish anything and I went to the published and recovered it all, but had to create a new site.

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Ah you used the published site source to rebuild as well. Good on you...

Yeah I shared this probably three years ago and many times since but after it was needed again by another user recently figured that it was time to bring it out as its own thread.

Great how site caching can be used for multiple purposes...

You know, sometimes it works with Firefox too but the search results often hide the cached page. Chrome never hides them if they have a cached page.