AAAARGGGHHHH!! please help I've lost a webpage

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I'm soo hoping a you can help yola. I've lost a page on my website that I spent AGES working on. On my site I had pages 'Services and Prices' and 'FAQ' - the FAQ page now reads as 'services and prices'. Really hoping you can help - do you have a 'go back button' or something there at yola.
Kind regards, Claire
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi claire

OH I can just sympathize. I had a blog that I accidentally deleted. I don't believe you can get it back. I hope I am wrong.. but be prepared to put in all that work again.
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Thanks littleus for sympathising.

I forgot to put the web address:
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Hi Claire

You have a lovely looking site. However, I see that you have the same content on your FAQ page as you have on your Services and Prices page. I imagine the original content of the FAQ page is what you have lost?

Unfortunately we do not have a way for you to revert to an earlier version of your site. Once a change is saved it becomes permanent. It would be very helpful to have this option and hopefully we can add it in future. However, unfortunately for now Littleus is correct - you will have to rebuild the page.

I am really sorry as I know how discouraging it can be to lose work like this. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.
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I truly feel for you. I know your pain oh too well. I wish that I could help solve your problem but my fix will not work for you as that page of yours was not indexed add I cannot find the cached page to copy.

For those who come upon this very problem in the future and the page they lost is indexed by Google one way that you can look into the past and copy content from your previous page is to:

1) Goto
2) In quotes type in the exact URL of the page that you lost "mysiteURL" or search for your site name instead (also in quotes)
3) Click "Search
4) If your page has been cached by Google there is a saved copy of your page that you can look at. If you see your page on the search results click the "Cached" link under your page link.
5) Your cached page will open and simply copy all the text on the page and paste it into a Notepad document for when you rebuild that page again.

Please note that if you did not see your page on the search results then I recommend checking the other search engines as well and repeating the steps above.

This almost always works with your index page and your more visited pages.

I know having to rebuild your page over again can be a daunting task but you have gotten this far and I have no doubt that you will build an even better page the next time around. I have lost countless pages and look at my site and how it turned out. I used each of those challenging losses to better myself and those pages. You will too I am sure of it.

Happy site building

You can find the Honey Bear searching for his lost friend Boo Boo Bear here.
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how exactly did you do this? - are you sure the content of the page does not exsist any where in your account? Have you checked the site manager?

You must have saved the 'Services and Prices' page 'save page as' and named it fAQ - it should have said 'this page already exsists'... continue ?

Its a little late in the day for this advice this time but if you use 'save page as' and create a copy of all the main pages, name them indexcopy etc. then tell google (in your webmasters account) not to crawl the copy pages then this will never happen again.

I have copys of my major pages. Peace of mind.

I understand how you feel - i lost a huge page once - thankfully it was still published live so i could copy it but it was still a lot of work.

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Thanks for all the support :-)

I must have 'saved page as' instead of 'save' although I can't remember doing so?! anyway I've learned from my lesson.

Great websites guys!