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Finally got one of my pages completed! Whay ya'll think?
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Posted 10 years ago

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Hi there Kent,

I really like what you have done with your page and the layout. It is nicely to the point and easily navigable.

The images and text work really well together - you got them nicely aligned. How did you do it?

Unfortunately I cannot see all of the documents you linked to as they are .cdp files but if they are similar to the first few then they will be great.

I think you have done a great job well done.
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When I viewed all your text was running outside of the boxed frame.
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Kent T Carter

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Jememy- I will try to explain this way. For a three window division row:
Start with single text widget for title at the top.

Add a two-window widget, inside that to the left side add an image widget and move divider to the left as close to the image as possible, to the right side add another two-window widget.

In the new two-window widget, on the right side add a text widget (can also be a html widget) and insert html code for the script and banner code, move the divider to the right as close to the banner as possible; on the left side of the new two-window widget, add a text widget, open the html button and enter code and script.
Click the banner and set a link to it.

Now insert more two-window widgets inserted below the finished row and repeat the steps to make another row just like the one above it for as many rows as you want, seems not to have a page lenght limit with this method.

For four windows: Insert a two-window widget, inside that insert two more two-window widgets, inside those, insert whatever type of widget you need (text or html).

* I have found it best to enter data through html code to keep the inwanted characters and empty spaces to a limit in the codes.

Kj- I do not see why you would be getting this overlap. might be the size of your monitor. Please let me know if this still happens as I'll ask fro help with it.
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Finally! I got all the content into my yola site and have officially posted a change of address where needed. I know we can't say is completely finished as will be additions and there will always be little things that need correcting every time we look at things (thanks to Murphy).
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It looks great! Welll done Kent. Your hard work has paid off! =) The only other suggestion I would have is to have an anchor tag at the bottom of your page so that when a person reaches the bottom, they can click on "return to top" instead of having to scroll. It's not a necessary thing.. but if you wanted to add that, it would be a useful thing to have.