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I have checked this out on the forum but all posts are over 3 years old and none of the links work.

So - can you tell me how to put an RSS feed onto my web page please. (to clarify - I want users to be able to subscribe to my page by clicking on an rss widget).

There is no rss widget on the widget bar now. Also, before you tell me to use a blog page where there is an RSS widget; I have tried using your blog pages but the system is lumpy, does not look good and I hear that you are not going to fix the problems that there are with it (and I have found many).

Plllleeeassee help.

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Posted 8 years ago

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Hello Kate

You can easily add an RSS feed to your site with FeedWind. Here are the steps to follow:
  1. Go to the FeedWind site.

  2. Enter the RSS feed or blog URL in the box under "Feed URL".

  3. Customize the feed widget as you would like it to display on your site.You can change the widget size, feed title, etc. As you make changes, it will display in the "Preview" view on the right of the screen.

  4. Once you have made the customizations, copy the code underneath the preview box.

  5. Back on your Yola site, drag and drop a HTML Widget onto a page.

  6. Paste the copied code into the HTML Widget.

  7. Click "Save" to save the code. The RSS feed will display on your web page.
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Hi there and thanks for this... Unfortunately this is not what I want and possibly I have asked the wrong question (or I am misunderstanding the answer) -
as far as I can gather - your instructions here show me how to put someone elses content on my web page in the form of an rss feed.

I wish to allow my users to subscribe to my newsletter page (yola standard page) - via RSS feed. I need to know how to add a subscribe widget and how to put the right code on my page for the bots to find changes, so that users automatically get my newsletter updates

Or am I being thick?
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Hello Kate,

The most basic and original way for a subscriber to subscribe to your blog is for you to place the blog URL on a page, generally your blog page or your home page but can be any page.

I have added this onto a number of sites with a blog including yola blogs as you have. The blog icon is something called a "chicklet" and it's simply an icon that has been associated with a specific URL, in effect a sign-post with no real instant activity as such, like an image link, but it's automatically configured so that you don't have to set the HTML link. If you drag it, the "chicklet", across from the blog collection of widgets onto your blog page somewhere, this is automatically associated with your blog address.

The way that a subscriber uses it is not and never really has been intuitive. The subscriber has to right click the chicklet and copy the link. The next thing is to go to whatever so called "news reader" they have and paste it into their reader. The RSS Feed is often called a "newsfeed" because this was one of its earliest uses as an auto feed for news agencies.

Once the RSS Feed address has been added into the "reader" then simply by clicking on this, the next batch of available articles or posts will be downloaded into the news reader and be displayed. It will only go back a few posts and I think no more than ten. You can generally auto receive similarly as emails can do this if you configure it as such. The chicklet never appears on your subscribers feed; it's purpose is simply as the setup facility for the subscription.

The Feedwind widget would feed others with your RSS feed and display it on their website. The common aspect is the address of the rss feed and the downloading, not to a traditional news feeder, but as mentioned, onto a web-page.