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Yola seems to get confused over the areas of marketing and support. If the VP is wearing two hats then they must be very clear in the separation of the disciplines and never impose a marketing ploy as a solution for support.

Support recommendations can certainly direct people to current commercial solutions for users with a query, if these solutions are part of the spectrum and proven or specifically created as a solution and the fact that it is a Yola solution and a paid for item.

It is however, unethical to promote the commercial solution and specifically Yola's commercial solution and ignore free alternatives that have been proven to work.

It is also unethical to lead users into commercial solutions before they have been tried and an example of this would be the many responses by Yola support to their up and coming e-commerce facility as a solution!

Support should never direct people into a sale for the bean counting of a sale. That's equivalent to leading lambs to the slaughter and it happens all the time. Please separate the Support and the Marketing as I think that in fact that support is an arm of Yola marketing and very much the poor cousin and that is reprehensible.
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Our free services are available to all, and to be enjoyed for what they are, but our goal, and we want to be absolutely clear about this, is that our free services serve as a testing ground for customers who may upgrade if they like what they experience. You see, rather than attract paying customers via advertising, which costs a lot, we offer our basic product for free, with the goal of winning enough people over to our way of website building that they will opt to upgrade to our premium options. And if enough people upgrade because they like our service and trust that we offer the best value for the paid services like custom domain names and ecommerce, then we can run a more efficient business and pass the savings along to our customers.

Hosting millions of sites for free also costs a lot, although we hope it costs less than advertising. But it only works if people really love our service. We try very hard to make sure that is the case, and part of that is responding to each and every one of our millions of users when they have questions.

When we recommend our premium services, it is because we believe they offer real value for the money. The absolute best value. Sometimes, our products do cost money to accomplish a goal, such as buying a domain name or buying a stock photo. And sometimes, we put the extra-fancy features in our premium packages, like CSS editing or removing our Yola branded footer. This is how we run a business in a way that allows for millions of free users to get the benefit of a cutting edge web site builder and free hosting.

What would be unethical, in our minds, would be to not make our best effort to run a profitable business that continues to support our millions of users, and by extension, eventually leaving them to fend with lesser site builder technology for site building tools. And if that means promoting our value-priced premium solutions now and again, we will continue to do it. Not because it is good salesmanship, but because we believe passionately in our products, both free and premium, and challenge anyone to find a more generous and fairly priced solution than ours - both in supporting our users and offering the best balance of free and premium in the market today.
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Interesting ethic. The ends justify the means.
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You missed the point totally...not even close...All that is being said is very simple.

Let's try this

If you went into Wal Mart because you needed their customer support concerning an item you bought from them but got a sales pitch instead of help...How would you feel?

Most of the time Yola customer service is great but this does happen and I will be honest...If I needed help and got a sales pitch for an answer I would not be happy.
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If a user asks for help for an item they bought from us (or got it for free) and we gave them a sales pitch instead then we definitely got it wrong. We intend to and should just help them with the item in question. However, if the user hasn't "purchased" yet, or has a product that is limited and expresses a need for something more, then in the course of the support interaction the customer service person should point out all the options available. In Yola terms: the free options and what they can do, as well as upgrades that offer more.