An easy tutorial if you have to Log/Sign in with your name and password each time you use the site builder... A Honey Bear Playhomes tip...

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If you are having to sign in your user name and password manually each time you log into your yola site builder I think that it could very well be that when you logged in sometime in the past that you inadvertently clicked "Never for this site" when asked if you want to save your password.

If so, that is an easy enough thing to remedy... Give this a try...

1) In the Firefox toolbar, from the Tools menu, select Options

2) Click the Security icon near the top of the window pop-up

3) In the "Passwords" section click the "Exceptions" button

4) In the pop-up (Passwords for the following sites will not be saved) you MIGHT see

A) If you do see then delete it from the list and click the "Close" button
B) If you don't see then click the "Close" button

5) Click the "Saved Passwords" Button

6) Scroll the list of URLs to find (if there) the URL for and click on it once to highlight it (If you see multiple URLs for hold down the "Ctrl" key and click once on each URL to highlight them)

7) Click the "Remove" key only (Do NOT the click the "Remove all" key)

8) Click the "Close" button

9) Click the "Ok" button

10) Close and then reopen your Firefox browser

11) Open in your browser and log-in

12) When the firefox browser asks if you would like to save this password click "Yes"

13) Log/Sign out of your site builder and refresh the page

14) Log/Sign into yola again

Your password should now be stored in your browser and your site builder should open without the need to log in manually by entering your name and password...

That tutorial took longer for me to type that it will for you to follow... Man, the things I will do for a person LOL Kidding...

Happy site building

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