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We are pleased to announce the winning design of our Yola Makeover contest. Congratulations to Ed for his submission Thank you for all the great submissions and watch this space for upcoming contests!
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Posted 11 years ago

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Congrats Ed...Party at your house tonight?
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Congrats Ed!! Well done!!
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well done! what would you do different on this site?
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Congratulations! Great job!
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Well deserved buddy,
I know you put a lot of work into that one!
So...what was that about a one eyed pirate with no depth perception ;-)
What time can John and myself pop over?
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Congrats Ed!!! Great job!
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Well Mr. Honey Pot Bear

It comes to no surprise that you have won this! Congratulations my friend. Be sure to give yourself a treat for a job well done. =)
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Great job Ed! Congrads
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WOOP WOOP - Well done Ed. Great Job.
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Congrats, Ed!
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Thanks guys but this would have been a completely different dance had the whole world been able to participate and I feel truly sad that some really great and wonderful site builders did not get the opportunity to show off their stuff. To be quite honest I thought about bowing out of the contest many times (ask Boomer) after submitting my site but then read the rules once more... Not finding a back door so to speak and not wanting to run the risk of breaching an agreement I held in there.

I believe that I spent more time on the site then I should have but at a time that I was having a cancer scare building the site kind of took my mind away from unhappy thoughts and for that I am happy. Finding no cancer was a gift a short week ago and sadly Boomer I will have to once again be wearing that darn eye patch, loose my depth perception and be a pirate again as the little bugger that they cut out of my eyelid had a friend and he took up residence so the eye patch with the little pink YOLA sticker on it will be brought out of retirement one more time. (Kidding about the sticker... LOL) Forth time is the charm HUH. The one in my neck is a wait and see game and not time for surgery quite yet. Tryin to hold on till the very end before that day happens thought. Ouch just thinking about it.
Boomer it's all your fault ;) because seeing your site in the very beginning made me realize that I could not simply throw something together and then walk away thinking that I did enough. Your wonderful site was a big motivation for me and I can partly blame you my friend for all those long hours working on my site ...

A contest that I would like to see would go something like this:

YOLA sends out form letters and contacts major companies worldwide and says "Hey lets get together and have a contest where your customers build FREE websites for your company or product" Lets call it "I love (insert company or product name here) more than anyone else because". The companies YOLA gets to sign on handles entries, judging and prizes. These contests can be nationally as the companies are local to the site builder and the companies used already are able to hold contests in their respective country so it is a win-win situation for all. A way for YOLA to get more users and do so without the hassle of prizes and legalities. Additionally, YOLA's current members can both submit companies in their local countries for YOLA to contact as well as submit to the marketing departments of companies that they would like to have hold a contest a YOLA build website to describe how that company can have one of their own. Imagine the free publicity and millions more users YOLA can get by having a few thousand companies worldwide having contests of their very own...

A few for thought...

"I Love Mcdonalds more than anyone else because"
"I Love Walmart more than anyone else because"
"I Love Pepsi more than anyone else because"
"I Love Coke more than anyone else because"
"I Love Dell computers more than anyone else because"
"I Love Mac more than anyone else because"
"I Love IPODs more than anyone else because"


P.S. I would love some royalties off that idea so that I can spend my life building playhouses for charity... (hint, hint, wink, wink)

Thanks for the congrats everybody... I have a full schedule this next week with treatments but hope to have some time later to prepare a transfer of ownership website with some video tutorials for them to use in editing the site later. A how to manual of site editing perhaps. And I thought that my week was full before this is gonna set me over the edge but I shall persevere.

Happy site building

You can find me with my head in the honey pot here..

Honey Bear Playhomes Tips and Favs in one place... A Honey bear Playhomes Tip ;)
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I believe Englands greatest export, before me :) siad it best back in 1968...

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i love cliff richard lol
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And celebrations
When I tell everyone that youre in love
With me
And jubilations
I want the world to know Im happy as can be.

Who could believe that I could be happy and
I used to think that happiness hadnt been
But that was in the bad old days before
I met you
When I let you
Walk into my heart


I was afraid that maybe you thought you
Were above me
That I was only fooling myself to think you
Loved me
But then tonight you said you couldnt live
Without me
That round about me
You wanted to stay


And jubilations
I want the world to know Im happy as can be
I want the world to know
Im happy as can be
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congradz ed!
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Good one Ed! I knew you were gonna win it when I spotted your design. :)

So...Is that money going into a little bit of adwords for The HoneyBear??.. :D
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Ed-a-Torials @ Honey Bear Playhomes, Champion

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Thanks Connor

You know 90% of everything that I used on the site I placed on the "Honey Bear tips in one place" thread I started here in the forums. When I saw those green jelly trees I just had one of those wow those are perfect moments.

Adwords are not so useful for higher ticket items during a recession and I have high rankings in most searches anyway so I don't think that it will go there my friend...

I will however use a good deal of it to build something to donate to a local kids based charity for a fundraiser auction when I am feeling better. A play boat, house or even a child's storybook bed. Once the economy returns I have a goal of up to 6 per year to donate. It can't come too soon for me as I can't wait to start building ;) Good PR goes a long way you know...

LittleYou I bought a 2 liter bottle of Honey today so I am set for the week ;) I do love the stuff in water. It's the best for energy boosts, antioxidants and it tastes oh so good. Funny thing though... I did not start my 2 liter bottle of honey kick until months after I chose a name for my site. I was trying to get all the positive healing effects and fell in love with the stuff. I must be a bear on the inside ;)
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Congrats, Ed
I THINK YOU deserve and I think you are the one and only supper Legend in site building in yola how always care us and share every thing.
I love your sites its amazing.

Congratulations ONCE AGAIN.
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Well done Ed!!!