Another bundle of work lost!

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Uploaded. Saved & Published. Froze. Infamous 'blue-blank' page returns.

Deletes all data, photos and information in that section of work...

Every week now. 1 in 10 occasions. Deadlines lost and/or delayed.


Regards Andrew.
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Andrew Clark

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  • Seeing the same problems again and again why not repair them Yola?

Posted 7 years ago

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Monique, VP of Customer Support

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Hi Andrew

This sounds awful and I sincerely wish that we could "just fix it," really I do!

However, this goes back to the issue with any software bugs that we can't replicate. A bug that cannot be replicated cannot be fixed, so we are left doing detective work in the hopes that we can provide steps to replicate. Once we do, our engineers are usually all over it and have a fix in a relatively short space of time. But if we can't give them this information they just shake their heads sadly at us and mutter something under their breath about "a needle in a hay stack" ;)

I promise you that we are not asking questions to be awkward and we are not avoiding fixing the problem because we are lazy or don't believe that a problem exists. But until we can replicate the problem there is no possible way that we can fix it, no matter how badly we want to.

I notice that Nazlie asked you some standard troubleshooting questions about this on a previous thread, but you have not given her the information she requested. And you have told us in the strongest possible terms not to ask you anymore questions this time. So we are in a bit of a bind. We can keep trying and look out for other customers reporting the same issue who are willing to work with us, but until we are able to replicate I am afraid there will be no fix for this.

If you change your mind and would like to help us out by answering some questions please let us know. If not we sincerely apologize and will keep doing whatever we can from our side but can offer no commitment about if/when we will be able to fix this.
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Andrew Clark

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...because we continue to suffer problems with using the websites with yourselves!

Uploads and downloads can take three (3) times to achieve and publishing can freeze.

We continue to experience these problems and have done for weeks now without Yola repairing. Our I.T. colleagues say that Yola still have server and virus glitches as yet unfixed. Well Yola are now delaying our work and presentations with repeated website faults.

Not happy and now getting annoyed. Regards

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Clearly YOLA are still having problems....
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Laura Thomas, Social Media Coordinator

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Hi Andrew,

We agree with you completely, your website and Sitebuilder just need to work. However, further to Monique's reply above, as you are unwilling to work with us and we are unable to replicate what's happening for you there is no "fix." If you are interested in troubleshooting with us further, my suggestion would be to schedule a live webex in order to have you replicate the issues you are facing for us thus giving our engineers some additional information to work with. Please let us know if you are willing to work with us on this and I will have a member of our team contact you to schedule it.
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Andrew Clark

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Unreasonable and unprofessional.

We have answered all your queries in pervious missives.

Our messages are edited online as information you do not want shared with all.

PLEASE sort out the Yola problems. Our I.T. guys know and have checked that it is your system that is at fault.

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Austin James

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Andrew, instead of cooperating with them, you're just picking fights. If you haven't noticed, they are trying to help you solve the problem, but, you're ignoring the fact and just keep criticizing Yola. You should have just emailed them instead of wasting people's time (and by that, I mean Laura and the other Yola employees could have helped other people that are willing to help the Yola team so they can solve their problem). If you're friends are such technical geniuses, why don't you and your little buddies go and setup your own service like Yola? Oh, wait, you were lying about them being IT guys, or else you already would have it done. My god.
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Andrew Clark

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We solved the problem Austin Yola have a server issue but in denial.
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If that were the case we all would be having the same problem as you and that isn't happening.
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Yes it seems that Andrew's problem is systematic and I would suspect that it is their local setup causing problems with the Yola sitebuilder stream somehow.
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Sanja, Official Rep

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Hi Andrew,

I was just reading your issue and I actually think I know what you're talking about. I have experienced the blue screen as well from time to time. However, this has nothing to do with Yola. What I have done was actually cleaned the fan and the inside of the tower. It's causing your computer to overheat and as a result, you get the blue screen of death.

Would you be willing to try this?
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Andrew Clark

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Yes good idea and our (dull) I.T. boys didn't know...!

There still is a Yola problem though.

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Andrew Clark

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You may have a point.

One of our three (3) new DELL laptops here does get hot so will monitor it and keep it near the air con...

Thanks, Andrew