Automatic backups for yola sites

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Hi yola. Yesterday night, while I was working on my site Campatet from cpanel, because it is hosted my inmotion, I accidentally deleted a very important and critical index file. Now, inmotion provides automatic backups for your site, but I couldn't find the backup probably because they haven't gotten around to doing it yet, since I am a new customer. But then an idea popped in my head. I remembered the numerous times on this forum I see people accidentally doing something to their sites like putting a redirection script in, and not being able to remove it, or they delete something, of something like that, and they need help. So I thought, why can't yola automatically backup sites for their customers from time to time? This will probably remove like 10% of all problems from this site. I'll admit it, this is a big problem all over the web. This problem can't be treated, it's human nature to make mistakes, there will always be problems with people doing something that wasn't so smart, probably by accident. But I think you can give it a remedy by backing up people's sites automatically, giving them a peace of mind like never before.


p.s, please plus 1 this idea if you like it. Also, as for my page, the layout of it was fairly simple, so I think I could rewrite it and get it up and running soon.
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Kevin,

That is a great idea and it is a request that we are regularly presented with.

We do multiple back ups of all our site data and we are in a position to restore all our customers sites simultaneously and quickly in the event of something unforeseen going wrong. However, we do not currently have a way to backup individual sites at this time.

I will mention this to the product development team for consideration in future releases.
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I agree that this would be a great feature! Would it be possible though? Considering the many customers Yola has, and the ton of websites they host, it may be a little tricky. But still, I look forward to feedback from a Yola employee!

- Brandon
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Thanks for the feedback everyone!
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This is a fantastic idea.

Sounds if Yola is already doing some form of backups.

Is there any chance that Yola could introduce automatic saving, maybe as a feature which could be turned on and off as well as a time interval setting?
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Hi Jeremy, auto saving is another feature we have played around with and I am partial to your idea of only offering it with a toggle switch to enable or disable it. Often we see members trying things out on their website and an auto save function could spell disaster if you are testing something you don't end up liking or breaks on your live site. I recall in one meeting proposing only offering auto save along with a feature enabling members to revert to the published version of their website within the Sitebuilder. Sadly my engineers informed me that this was easier said than done. All that to say, it is on our radar and something we have been exploring. We'll be sure to keep you posted about the solutions we come up with!