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I originally started working on a basic website then gave it a rest for some months but now would like to get back into finishing my site, however I would now like for my site to be an online store. I have checked out the widgets and see the online store options to sell single or multiple items so that is good, my question is this because I read part of my answer somewhere else a short while ago, it was suggested to someone else who wanted to turn their website into an online store that they could at any time "upgrade" their basic site to the "silver premier" level is that corrrect? My only concern with working on the "basic" website and listing all my items then upgrading is that obviously the appearance of my original site is "basic" yet with the "silver premium" you get to choose to have coloured or styled backgrounds on your pages and more storage space so how does upgrading part way through building the site in "basic" affect the change to "silver" ??

Sorry if i've confused you because i've now confused Do I have to sign up right from the word GO for the "silver/business" site and build from there but naturally it could take me 2 months to fully build and list all my items for sale so can this remain "unpublished" until I'm ready for it to be published? Do I pay NOW or when I am ready to publish? I tried selecting and signing up for a 'business' website but when I filled in the info and used my email addy it told me "this is already being used" of course it is becaue it is me with my basic site i've been playing with for 12 months.

Helllllllllllllp. Thanks in advance

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It sounds like you may have already seen this page, If you click on the "Show More" under "Create" and "Stand out," the differences are listed.

To answer your specific question, you can build your basic site and upgrade to Silver at any time. You won't lose what you've already built. You can add your products with the online store widget with either plan.

The main differences (shown under Create) are larger file sizes, more storage and a larger number of sites you can build with the Silver plan. The other benefits (shown under Stand out) is the ability to use your own domain name instead of Yola subdomain and removal of the Yola logo in the footer. There are also other benefits and features but none are necessary to building your online store.

Hope that helps some.
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Wow, i'm amazed someone understood my question since I tend to turn questions into Yah for you, thanks.

Yes I did see the pricing thing but still, thank you :) I guess where I'm still confused is I read that you can choose with the silver/premium full coloured or pictured backgrounds on your pages to suit more to the theme of the site not just headers/banners as in basic. I have done a LOT of work on my basic site and just didn't want to keep on if it meant it was going to have to be re-done or look awful if I changed the template...that's more the thing I was trying to say....templates !!!!.

Sounds like I should just finish the site i've started, use the online "multiple" items widget thingy and TRY to figure out the PayPal side of things. I really didn't want to be selling worldwide and worry about postage costs and Paypal fees attracted for some countries etc, I would much prefer to simply have it an Australian based site and store, anyone know how I can do that ???

Thanks for your response Margie, appreciate it.
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Hi Indi - one awesome feature of Yola is ... you can test your site out with all the other styles before even upgrading to Silver.

while in sitebuilder ... just click on change Style ... you can always go back to your original style

Silver is a great deal ... you will wonder why you waited

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Hi c2print, sorry for my delay in responding, worldwide time difference and a few busy days. I really appreciate your reply and will do just what you've suggested.

I may even start another site from scratch starting with a different style because my ideas and a few things have now changed since I first started my basic site, a lot of change so maybe worth starting again.

If I do this can I set up the online store and see how it comes out if my site is not published?

Can I have a page that might have like a "door" that leads into my store or what i'd really like is, is there a way I can make or have a password or joining feature for people to get to my store.

I know this sounds kind of confusing but the short of the long story is I deal in a certain type of trading card, I currently sell at a local market on a weekly basis, I really don't want to go selling on ebay because I can't compete with the prices so I thought my website could display all the cards I have but an online store might be even better but my biggest concern is that i'm going to end up with younger kids who don't understand yet alone have Paypal might just go merrily shopping and cause me more problems than it's all worth, hence the reason if I can control somehow who has access to my store, also I'd prefer to try and keep my selling to only Australia not worldwide due to postage calculations, ebay fees etc etc....

Thank you so very much in advance and yes will go and do the different style.
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You can preview your site before you publish it. You can also unpublish it if necessary.

As for a password: Yola allows you to create a private website, or make part of your site private, by password protecting certain pages on your site.

What this feature allows you to do:

1. Assign a single login ID (username) and password to your site.
2. Choose whether you want to lock (password protect) all the pages on your site.
3. You can then share the login ID and password with people you want to give access to the protected pages.
4. When they access your protected pages they will be asked to type in the login ID and password before viewing these pages.

What this feature does not do:

1. Allow people to register for a username and password on your site. This is a registration feature which we hope to release in future.

How to use the Password Protection feature:

1. Click on the Site Manager tab.
2. Click on "Site Password Protection" underneath the list of pages of your site.
3. Add a login name and password and tick the pages you would like to protect.
4. You can easily protect all your pages by clicking on "Lock All" or take off the password protection by clicking on "Unlock All"
5. When you create a new page, you will see a check box that gives you an option to protect (lock) the new page.
6. Preview your protected page to see what the login form will look like and to test your log in and password.
7. To make the change effective on your live site, click on the green "Publish to the web" button.

Good luck with your site!
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Oh thank you, that will be a huge help, it will allow me to pretty much control it to be locally accessible and I guess I can somehow come up with a joining thing where they have to be a certain age so that i'm not getting young kids going stupid with trying to purchase cards....

Things are now slowly starting to fall into place, just a LOT of input now for some 5000+ cards and sorting out the Paypal side and invoicing etc.

Thank you everyone very much.