Be nice to be able to change header css

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It would be great to be able to move the complete header and also change the css colour for the header text as you are limited to what colour you change the template as the header is always the same colour. Like yola lots and hope there are more tools in the future.
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Emma

This is something we are working on and definitely want to add in future. We would like to allow some basic rich text editing of the header, such as the ability to set font family, size, color and possibly alignment as well.

I don't have a definite date for this feature yet, but it is on our roadmap.

Thanks for your continued support of Yola!
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Feature complete! (I'm going through old ideas and getting their status updated - cleaning up!)

P.S. Sorry to keep annoying you! :)
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Hi Emma,

Yes, that would be a great feature to have! Another option would be to create your own banner to include text the way you wish it to appear. There are number of Yola Styles that allow you to change the banner image. Here is a link to the Yola Stye Guide which will provide more information on what the attributes of each style are.

There are lots of banner making programs out there, please take a look at this thread where some people here on the forum were discussing the best banner making program: What is the best banner making tool.

Hope this helps! Thanks for letting us know what you are interested in seeing from Yola.

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Fantastic, love you yola team. Have also converted my Dad to using yola for some of his sites too now. I like how a company is interested in listening to people and what they want. Very impressed how quick yola repiles to questions etc...
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Is it possible to change the colour of the heading and the icon for Flowershop style apart from the banner image?? I would like to use an icon I made myself...
Also, I am wondering if Yola is considering offering its users the opportunity to create their own custom styles from scratch and edit the HTML/CSS codes, etc just like does - I think it would be great to have this flexibility!!
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Hi fableweaver55 - It's only possible to change the background and banner of the Flowershop style and not the icon. If you want to upload your own banner, you can add the text to that banner before uploading it. and then delete the default text that appears.

We do know that people would like to edit and create styles from scratch, unfortunately I can't tell you when something like this would be available.
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I was thinking the same exact thing! I've been wishing forever but never even thought to suggest it (I knew Yola before I knew of GetSatisfaction) but just today I was thinking "if only I could drag it or move a little bit higher" because I need 2 more tabs but don't have anymore room, as the words would be on top of the other ones but if you can make it so you can navigate or easier yet, drag and drop the banner (perhaps even make it so you can change the size but I understand if that is asking too much for the Free Version at least) up, down, left, or right that would be absolutely awesome!
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Hello Kokuro

This post is a year old. We have made some fantastic changes! Upgrading to Yola Silver enables you access to the Site CSS and you can tweak the CSS of your site as needed.
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So it's only for silver? Oh well then, I only have the free version

thanks though
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Hi Kokuro

Yes, the CSS customization is available to all our Yola Silver users. If you would like to find out more about what this package offers you, please see the Yola Silver FAQ.