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Thanks for this opportunity
I wonder if you could kindly help me
I roughly started the template of my first page, but i am stuck, totally stuck
1st Does it a BLOG TITLE have to be the SAME as the DOMAIN (url) name in order to be found and grabbed by the spider in the search engines?
i'd prefer a very short url but need to have more words in the title

2ND Does the SPIDER of the S Eng. look for the tile of a blog? Or for simply the domain name (url)?

3rd When using SEO (am still beginner) for Tracking, can I use several words together to get a result of the search? Or only one word per time?
If more than one word, do I join them together with no coma or dash? Or separate them?

4rth Can the spider of the S Eng. distinguish each word in a URL even though they are joined together as one word? example:
I really, really would appreciate if anyone could get back to me with some advises and clarification thanks so much!!
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Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Anna

Good questions !

Answers to your questions :

1. The blog title and url does not have to be the same, however, it certainly can improve search engine visibility. The URL of your domain will help with making your site more visible to search engines in the sense of the specific 'term' or keyword/s you have chosen in relation to your domain. At most basic, a good blog title is just as important to search engines in identifying your content and giving your users a brief synopsis of what your blog site is about. I suggest having a url and title name with close relation will be more of more benefit on the long and short of it. However, this is not compulsory.

2. Search engines looks for url as well as title tags ! Here is a breakdown of what exactly a search engine looks for from the head section.

Head section :


Page Title / Blog title

< title >What Search Engine Spider Software Looks For< / title > (No spaces)


< meta name="Keywords" content="keywords and phrases go here" > (No Spaces)

Description Tags

< meta name="Description" content="Description of web page" > (No Spaces)

You can get a better breakdown here :

3. In my personal opinion i would say to 'target' one search term/keyword at a time - may this be single or longtail - if you know what i mean. Maybe i fail to clearly understand the question :)

4. My personal opinion again - I think search bots have a hard time distinguishing between a combination of word, such as your above mentioned. However, if you tend to use a word like that in your url, kindly do add dashes inbetween. If not, i suggest not adding it as a keyword unless that specific word/phrase is used in a search term (and popular).

I Hope this helps a bit. If you have any more questions, i will gladly assist in any way that i can.


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Hi Anna,

John and Rynaldo gave some good information here. I would also like to point you in the direction of our SEO Tutorial series as well as the webinar Introduction to SEO.

SEO Tutorials

Introcution to SEO Webinar

I hope this will help a bit!

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Hi Anna

I am glad to have been of assistance to you ! Lets take a look at your remaining questions and give some extra help ;)

Okay, so you want to know which is going to be better if your url consists of 2 or more words ...

If your url/domain consists of 2 or more words (combined without any dashes), recognition of that phrase might be limited - as to where adding dashes between your words gives added advantage, enabling search engines better recognition. As far as i know, no search engines are able to distinguish and/or recognize more then 2 words run together. So i would suggest adding the dashes.

3. That is exactly what i was saying, however, do not cloud a single page with the same keyword/phrase. Make sure to add it to your top, centre and bottom - i am not a master in this but i do understand the importance of keyword density and the effect (positive/negative) it has on search engines.

4. I wouldn't say a single word is better ! I would actually suggest 2 words and more - not completely overboard though lol.

If i am not clear and you need more help, advice and assistance, i will gladly help :)

Enjoy !

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Hi Rynaldo
how are things? Thanks for last reply you send me some month or so ago, it really helped, but I have been out of the loop for a while, now I have decided it is time to start to work on my website again

I am still struggling with the choice of my domain name, I wonder if you might advise me?

I was told that the higher the number and that the higher volume of searches for a key word phrase in a domain name---the better,
meaning,it is better to choose a domain name which contains (keywords) or a keyword phrase-- that comes up in the highest amount, in a search in the below tools

Because that would mean TONS of people will look mostly for that phrase, and so that also mean that my domain name will come up at least few times

so for example "HYPNOTHERAPY-OREGON.COM shows tons of searches with those keywords, a day,
while instead HYPNOTHERAPY-EFT.COM shows only 100 searches a day

So HYPNOTHERAPY-OREGON.COM would be the ideal name for my domain, according to what I have been told
But this is controversial, as recently I read instead on an email sent to me by these SEO Classes that it is totally the opposite :
That is better if I choose a domain name containing keywords or a key word phrase
that comes up in a very low amount in these above tools

So now I am confused, because if this is the case then, i wonder: will people look at all for that keyword phrase, considering that is so unpopular??
will I have enough people looking for my site name?? Will my domain name keywords be searched at all? considering that ADWORDS.GOOGLE shows only 100 searches on those keywords?

I know that this question my sound complicated in the way I am writing it, but in a nut shell, i want to know whether is better to put a very popular keywords name in my title, (that show 1000s searches a day on Adwords , or--- if instead that will put me in a spot where I am competing with lots of other sites carrying similar key-words and so there would be no chance to come up in the first 30 on Google, and so, I should choose a totally unpopular name, like ..maybe just my name:, something like that?
How does it really work??
If you can come up with some clarification or advise, it would be most appreciated
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Hi Anna

Okay, i might completely misunderstand this message. However, i will try and answer to my best knowledge okay ;)

In my personal opinion, and a lot of people will most likely disagree with me - but the search volume/competition ratio is not something that really gets me down. I believe that with proper SEO and marketing, you can still have your website stand out within the first 3 pages of Google - no matter how crowded the market seems to be for that specific keyword/phrase.

In general, all online publishers choose to have keywords/phrases with a minimum search volume of at least 1000, nothing less. If your idea is to make money from Adsense, then i would also recommend not going for any keywords with a lower search volume. After all, the main idea is to attract visitors. It is very seldom that you will find an online publisher writing a website for such a small crowd. Your PR will be higher yes. However, traffic will be low !

I would recommend going for a keyword/phrase with a high search volume. As mentioned above, with some good marketing, you can still have your website stand out in a crowded market. Will give you some personal tips in a short while.

As for using your name-hypnosis in your domain/heading - i believe Google is very sensitive to the way people search and use search phrases. I believe by using your name, you would cause nothing more than you having to spend double work on your marketing. You will not be found easily in search results.


Go for keywords/phrases with higher search volume. However, make sure you do some good marketing.

Don't go for KW's with low search volume

Don't use your name in your URL

Use your primary keyword/phrase as explained in my previous post !

If you need assistance on the marketing part of this, getting high search engine rankings etc. please feel free to ask me ! I have some great tips on how to increase your search engine rankings. Personal tips that most people seem to not pay any attention to :)
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Hi Rynaldo
thanks soooo much, so you are saying not to worry about choosing a name that is uncommon, well, it makes sense, as that is what I had been told at first

I do want to focus mostly on the local people though, maybe later I can think of offering online services for the world wide web, but my main purpose now is to be found by local people in Oregon, does it make sense?

So, does the same theory (you explained above) work for local searches as well, to still have a very common name which comes up a lot int he search??
Also, i want to separate the two names with a dash, no to confuse the S E
I am going to do again a test on WORDTRACKER and ADWORDS and see if hypnosis-oregon comes up in low or high search amount or I might test
hypnosis-weightloss or similar
I will let you know once I do these tests, and hopefully you can continue to advise me which would be the best alternative
I am also interested in hearing about your marketing strategies,
Do you have a website?
Thanks a lot so far
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Hi Anna

That is exactly what i am saying ! And yes, this makes a lot of sense :)

When i just got started out on the web, i had the same idea - creating websites for a local audience rather than a international audience. In the international market, the competition is extremely heavy. Thus, i also choose to work locally. Good idea :)

My theory works better when it's done locally !

Yes, i do have a few sites and i also make use of dashes to separate words. Like i mentioned, Google is very sensitive to it's given searches ad search results.

Please do let me know as soon as you do the tests and i will gladly assist you with my personal marketing tips, guaranteed to help you.

Here is one of my websites you can check out :


This is a small website i experimented on for Adsense. As you can see, my primary keyword/phrase is in my URL, all my menu items, headings, as well as body content.

Also, use my primary keyword : AES student loan consolidation and search it in Google. I am listed several times on Page rank 2 for this keyword/phrase. One of them being in Hubpages :

Although my website itself is not yet listed with a higher PR, my backlinks still remain listed high, ensuring traffic. Remember, Google can take anything between 4 - 6 weeks to crawl and index.

Glad to help you further.

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Hi Rynaldo
Thank you thank you
I did look at your site, wow, it sounds really professional, very interesting what you do offer, hope is going well so far

When you say "listed with a high PR" what does that mean? Are you referring in the "coming up on Google search" within the first 3 pages?

You will probably do that in a month? Is that what you were saying, correct?
I did find your site, but like you say, through Hub and similar sites, I guess that is what you were saying? Yes it came up

About my site, i think first I must ask you one question as I am afraid I have not yet understood quite yet how this Google AdWord-KeyTool works, sorry

For example, when I am on this page:

And on the left top corner there is a tiny window where you are supposed to type two or more keywords and it says:
"Find keywords Based on one or both of the following:
Word or phrase (one per line)"

And then below those words there is a tiny text box to type your key words, right?
Are you with me? lol

Ok, which are the key words that I should use to name my website url,
1) the ones I type in that window to bring up the search?
2) the ones that come up in the list of searches below, after I click on SEARCH
and of course the ones that shows the highest number?
For example
when I type in the box these 2 words:

in the search below there are 3 keywords which come up the highest :135.000 and those words are:
Now, do I use Hypnosis Therapy (which I typed myself and brought the search)?

Or do I use Hypnosis-Weight-loss, which came up highest?
Sorry but I think is confusing
Maybe you can do a test with the words I typed and see what I mean
I hope you can let me know, i am so curious to find out

Thanks a lot now
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Hey Anna

Sorry for my late response ! Was working on a new project and would love for your help in sending this to some people :) This new project is really different though, so feel free to check it out :

Getting to your questions :

When i say high PR, i mean having your website link listed on pages that come up in Google search. The high PR pages i refer to, is anything from page 1 - page 6 ! This could be link exchanging, blog posts, or forum postings.

Make sure these high PR pages are relevant to your website/primary keyword though.

Yes ! Exactly, Google usually takes a few weeks to crawl and index your website, thus i rely on my blog posts, press releases, social media etc to bring in the traffic. Also, the more links you have to your site, the higher you will be listed in search engine results and the faster you will be crawled and indexed.

The keyword/primary you should use will be the one with high search volume/good CPC and low to medium competition in Adwords External.

The keyword/primary you search in Google is just to give yo a basic idea of what your competitor has. This will enable you to see their content, and the fact that they are listed with a high PR in Google, must mean you can get some idea. Tweak your content, Meta and Keywords to have it similar to those of your competitors. You get the idea. If you want to know how to do this, just ask me :)

I did a search for you to make things easier. Here is the results :

Hypnosis Therapy - 14,800 monthly searches which is good !

CPC - $2.52 which is good

Competition is high. However, nothing to worry about !

NOW, in Google :

"Hypnosis Therapy" - 44,900 results in Google. This is under 50,000 so it's really good !

Now, making things even better : Here is the very first result in Google for the keyword, and this is your competitors meta and keywords:

META name="description" content="Hypnosis Therapy - Can you find relief from problems by entering a trance? Can another person guide your mind to improve your thought patterns?"

META name="keywords" content="Hypnosis Therapy, hypnotherapy

Do you see the idea ???

If you want a better idea and help, email me. You will find my contact on my website link i gave you below. (The new project) !!

Together we can get your site listed high !!!

I would say you can use either one of the two, they both are pretty much the same as above ! Both really good ! I wouldn't stress about the competition to much.

Hear from you soon :)
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hi Ryanldo, browse thru your site.. how do you put the meta keyword and description using yola?

thanks for your help
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Hi angelfabnfit

We have a tutorial that describes how to add keywords and descriptions to your site, here: Adding title, description and keyword tags.

If you need more help, please let us know.

Thank you