Is there a way to recover work that was not saved in the Sitebuilder?

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f---------! at 3:37am europian time I have lost those tuns of work- can yola recovere it???
I went to buy golden membership thinking that maybe it will then refresh itself and I went back, by the button on that page and it saved my page but to the previous day-saved not today- so I lost it all- f---------------h-------------l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!§§§§§
I am really p--------------- off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is so unreliable!!!!
can anyone recover it if it was not saved???
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Posted 7 years ago

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i did not press anything since- the save button is in mist=inactive
the preview button is normal-active
so does that mean I have still chance to go back to that unsaved page I was working on before I went for golden membership as described above

or is there any way I can retrieve my unsaved day work on that one page???
please help me find some solution...
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I am so sorry to hear this. It is awful to lose your hard work! However, we are not aware of any technical problems that could have caused this. Although we cannot recover unsaved work, we do no know of any reason why you would lose any changes that had been saved. Is there any possibility that your internet connection could have been interrupted before you saved or that you were working in multiple browsers? If not, please let us know and we will investigate further.
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well, I thought that there is no way you can recoved an unsaved work- I was just hoping that maybe you are aware of this constant problems of site builder and perhaps I was hoping- wishful thinking:) that anything I write on the page when creating is inscribed somewhere in css or html (I have very little knowledge of that...)
or that at least if I DID NOT PRESS THE SAVE BUTTON (AS IT WAS NOT WORKING neither was the review+publish button) JUST CLICKED ON A GOLDEN MEMBERSHIP (thinking that it could activate the save button and two others) AND THEN ON THAT PAGE I CLICKED- GO BACK- AND THATS WHEN MY PAGE-SITE AUTOMATICALLY STARTED SAVING ITSELF-

I was hoping that perhaps even though it saved the old work again, I could at least now press some go back botton or undo and find back the work on my page those 600 items- but probbably there is not built such a rescue option- or is there???

Crisis Scenario: ok, so if that happens again, what is the best way to do- I have my work done- I click save-preview-publish- but THEY DO NOT REACT!
I was working in one browser, my connection was fine- I got an idea then to open my yolasite in another browser to see if I might have JAVA problem or something, but there was no problem on my end as ALL 3 buttons worked perfectly in the opened next browser (both in firefox) the only thing I could do is to copy one by one times 600 each widget into the next broser and save it there- now I am sorry i did not, because it would be less work than re-thinking it all again from the scratch...

I did not get into a habit of saving and publishing after I add each widget as save sometimes does not work or take ages, freezes in the process etc. so when I saw it is not working again, I just thought I will finish the work and then when the save button comes to its sense (as it often happens like that) I will just save it- but it never happened that the save button will just give up in a crusial stage alltogether!!!

before I was trying to build my site in explorer and it would not even load a single widget, it would freeze, so one had to do it all over again, I was advised from you guys to work in firefox, as it is more compatable with yola-so I did, it is much better experience, I at least managed to put photos on with much less problems- thing, like that I have to save the site and publish it at least 3x before all my work is correctly visible on the page- I do not count as a big problem as one would assume this as a pay for having a free site, right?
- but put on the correct descriptions to each item is the hard one...I will probably not do the dog work and save each composed piece+ make my own backup, which will take me if nothing crashes on your side- I get there by xmass:)

one thing I need to know, if I go through all this hassle of building and freezing-
and my work will be done-
if I then COPY the CSS CODE +or? HTML OF EACH SIDE into my email- will this be something I can then put somewhere in case I will see again that some pages are not correct?
as manytimes when I open yola my writings are jumped uncorectly again even though I have already had it published before allright, so I am just afraid when I do a huge amount of labor work, that my work will not be there all the time or not in correct appearance...
what can I do to backup my work (I cannot obviously save all the widgets one by one- as I have so many and I cannot click SAVE ALL-page, just single widget, see?)

Another thing I am not happy about that if I build in firefox and I use gradient tool in a coloured box widget and I publish it,
in explorer the gradient is not visible and my colours are different
+ your yola banner is undone- just in writing on some pages on index and contact page they look allright- and that is not surely done by my end...

I was wondering if others are having similar problems or they just dont bother wasting time writing about it here, or having much more easier sites,
and my 1000 item list site is too much- even though it is too little in kB...or if I have to pay to get yola-sitebuilder to work properly...
but if I dont see a free site working correctly I would surely not think of paying for this hassle how is it, I really cannot put my head around this...I just know it is not working as it should, but have done already a lot of work on one other page so I dont fancy to do it again on some other site...

can you help me and tell me, what options I have to backup my work when save -preview and publish buttons are on holidays and not doing their job?
thank you so much
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also, could you tell me if I have a photo in one widget and next to this I have another text widget with a description and like that on all page hundŕed times and I would like to make a backup on my end in case yola crashes or it will be all over the place on one day I open my yolasite- as it happened already and if there is a little work I place it correctly and publish it again but obviously once there are many items it would be a nightmare to do this everytime I open my site, so
if I copy HTML or CSS CODE
of each page separately and insert it in my email to save it- does these guys HTML and/orCSS save every photo, letter in text and number
+in their correct order and position?
so if something happens I can just put this html or css
somewhere _WHERE???
and it will look as original always???

As I am not sure if html and css saves all or just a rough idea of a page- I could not read there any numbers and descriptions, which would look like the design of my page...???or is that much more coded that if some text repeat itself say 200x I will not see there any 200x code anyway...correct assumption, or not at all???

I know I can SAVE PAGE AS but I do no more trust yola-builder , so I would prefer to have some external backup
and as those widgets are not able to
save all- and I obviously cannot copy+paste them all in my email to have them saved
I need some better backup, I just need you to tell me how it can be done, so all my design+descriptions will be saved my end.
Thank you
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Does anyone know, if I could
get back the design of my yola unsaved page somehow from MOZILLA FIREFOX??? or somewhere in laptop, perhaps...
does not laptop make a history
of everything you type in???

I am trying to re-open the history pages one by one and it is even there all- even the page I went to buy the golden membership- but not the membership page, but all I am getting is the same design of my yola-page which I saved days ago, not the today early morning design...

I still have opened that page but unfortunately autosaved by yola-builder (when I went -go back to page- from yola golden membership page)
which did not save any of that today/yesterday work in question...
if anyone knows if there is anywhere
an UNDO button
how to get back to that unsaved page or history or anything, please let me know

Many thanks
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if I place somewhere in my site- the copy of the link with all my yesterday unsaved work
either in html on a created new page? or in css code- or somewhere else would that recover it?- long and some finishes with...f
or d
and some
or d#
which one would be the unsaved one?
will it come back (I have it in the history)?thanks
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Hi Lili,

Horrible news and I think your work is probably irrecoverable. Certainly it's gone from Yola.

You were asking about strategies when it comes to a long session of input. The general rule of thumb is to back up frequently during addition of content. If it freezes then either there is a minor Yola service update or there is a problem. Service updates are generally announced asking you to save your work. Opening multiple instances of your site in the builder is a known and previously reported hazard. Don't have anymore than just the one instance opened.

It's possible within any system that there is a calamity and something that hasn't been saved is lost. I think we've all suffered this kind of thing at some stage.

Really your best bet is to cry and yell. Take a break and then return fired up to repeat the input. It's horrible as Monique has sympathised but putting it behind you and working forward is your best solution.

The backups you mention in your computer are not likely to help. They will at best be one sided or in a format that is unable to be understood and would take far longer than re-inputting to resolve.

There is no site backup facility with Yola. Some people have duplicated their pages with the save-as function which holds a replicate version of each page within the site. Hopefully a crash of a page would then be softened by the access to a duplicate page.
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You definitely want to save as you go. If you notice the save or publish button is not active in your Sitebuilder do not continue to edit your website. Rather, we would suggest you restart your browser. There is a pop up that comes up if you try to navigate away from the page you are working on that asks if you want to save your work so under normal circumstances that would have you covered. You indicate that the save and publish button is often unavailable for you which is not usual so I would also suggest going through these troubleshooting steps to ensure your browser applications are all up to date.

So sorry for your loss and hope that helps to keep this from happening going forward.
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thank you all for answers at least I dont need to keep trying...thanks Gop, I do do the save page as as the double already (it was not an option when save button was not working as it creates the copy just from the previously saved design, I think...)
yes, Laura if I navigate away it is usually asking, however this usually also freezes and I was afraid that I will lose my work like this so I looked into other options working to see if they will not refresh the save but, they did, but it still did not work, so I looked for some stronger option thinking that if one is going to buy the golden membership there needs to be working pay thing- to refresh my site without refreshing- and it was but did totally oposite than I hoped...
It was really silly of me keep going that day when I was not sure it will save- I just did not think it will not work the whole day...well, seems like this is just my end problem, which is strange, because firefox updates everytime I open it, java as well, windows is updated...I go again through the troubleshooting steps...

But again, you work for yola, so you should know this- when you advertise one can put their site on e.g. facebook, then there has to be the html code somewhere on my site- for me to save e.g. in email as a backup - and do that if yolasite should ever crash or misplace my design, not???

I just could not see myself doing the work again to find a day later its all gone!
Because it looks it is the way it works on my laptop- freeze- stop- load half a day- freeze- misplaced text bits- and all over- real fun I can tell you!

So if you could please tell me where to get the correct
(or CCS CODE?- I know where they are on my site for each page, I just dont know if it is enough copy them into my email page by page or how???)

it would be much more appreciated than further compassion words- but thanks anyway- I just would like to have some stronger backup in my hands especially when I know now, that yola does not do any...

And I cannot really copy and paste 1000 descriptions and photos one by one into my email- its not like I have it in one frame- it is in 1000 widgets, see?

Many thanks to all of you, hope I am not giving you a headache...and...
Hope this never happens to anyone!
That is also why I write that noone will ever rely, like me, on the common fact that the save button comes alive again as it does most of the time, but then suddenly it will let you down when you least expected:)
Thanks for helping...
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no Laura, the troubleshooting steps are nothing of a kind I have the probelm with...

The other thing which is bothering me, even if I manage to design my web, many people will open it in explorer and it will look messy because even the gallery 6 photos will not in explorer be in one line, but in two-5+1 and other things I have mention above will not look correctly as they do, if opened in firefox where I designed them...
...and noone from yola is suprised about the incompatibility of firefox design opened in explorer browser inclusing the YOLA BANNER on free sites-
(or it just got lost in my winy text???)
because that is surely not my end problem as I am not designing yolas banner- it is part of the site:
it will not display the picture but a long text instead, but just on 6 pages from 8- on those 2 it is displayed correctly- so where is the fault? did I open some second hand free website or why is this happening, when you say the problem is ONLY MY END???
and the gradient does not show in explorer
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Hi Lili,

The source code can be gleaned from your published site but not easily from your builder. having said that, to copy the source code and then paste it into an HTML widget won't work either because some of the code is that used by the style It also wont allow you subsequently to modify the widgets you may have setup in the creation as these are then yanked from their connection. It can be made to work but you really do have to know what is relevant and what isn't. It's not an effective back up method at all. Certainly back up your content data then at least you can rebuild around the data if something like this should ever happen again.

If you were using an HTML editor without using any Yola widgets then that could be done but this requires good HTML knowledge and skill. CSS is not content but rather a tool for styling the content;

I have never tried this but you may like to explore screen shots of your sitebuilder pages and store these as your backup information.
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Yes I did screen shots already just to remember my changed designs...thanks
...and what you are saying the html (the css is just styling so I am not really too bothered about that)
which I can get off my page and my site even if I copy them they will not help me to recover any future crisis???
or you are still talking about my unsaved lost work (I am over that- I need just work out the future backup)
and I dont know anything about html- I just know if I get it somewhere from my published site-

I can then put it anywhere- facebook etc. and my site will look the same as in yola, not?

or just yola guys can do that by rewriting the whole html design, because they have to rewrite their widgets- thats what you are telling me?

The problem is, that if my site crashes or have any design problem, I will have to put on nad upload one by one 1500x6 images
+one by one description for them,
which would be really too bad...
I cannot do the backup manually as even if I do- the labor dog work is the worst...
especially if yola-builder does not wok smootly, but each saving even if it works at its best takes at least 3mins- and now believe you me, I will save each image, which I think will crash-freeze- refresh the browser several times, so 10 images will take me many hours of work and if I do that ones, I will never wish to do it again just because one day it will not be there....see?
My site is not a presentation or simple restaurant, where all things are easily saved and replaced if something goes wrong...its a dog work- for a life time with a yola builder...
(and there is nothing wrong with my connection or laptop- just when I deal with building yola- it does problems...but the yola banner cannot surely be just my end problem as I said, so someone is not telling the truth about yola-builder- quality...I assume...)

so I need back up HTML or something (photo of a site will not do...)
it is very little kB as I did downsize as you already advised me to 10kb each, so in file manager the count line green is hardly even visible...
but the work to do all that again will be a nightmare...
see? thanks
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yes, how to get html
from my published site
and then copy it back
if crisis
...copy the source code and then paste it into an HTML widget won't work either...
see I dont get what you are saying-
you mean I can copy it into facebook (which yola advertise)
but never back again into yola- widget?
Could not yola then put it easily back on their end if I will give them the html of my published site (which they say they not keep and have therefore no backup for free yolas?)

Well, I do not if it will then be only in facebook - I need to have it at least somewhere-
as I cannot see myself uploading 9000 images into yola ever again, see?
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well, I dont know if you are still there, but is midnight soon, and last night I did not go sleep as I was trying to find my lost I will be back in 12 hours- so dont hang around if you are still there:)
thanks and good night- hope to resolve this with your help tomorrow
many thanks again for helping