Can I get some testers for a page peel on my website???

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Okay so I have had dozens and dozens of people contact me and ask how I did my page peel ad in the upper right corner on my index page and was sad because at the time it was only visible in Firefox so I spent the last week changing code around a million times trying to get a corner page peel advertising to be cross browser compatible and after that week I am able to get it to work in Firefox and Opera. My Internet Explorer is missing files and does not view things properly so I cannot see the page peal (not unexpected).

I am in the middle of a tutorial on how to implement this for everyone and would love to say that yes indeed it is cross browser compatible and need your help.

Could you please visit my index page and check to see if you can see the corner page peel in the upper right corner. I really want to give my fellow Synthasiters a cool early Christmas gift and would love to see it working on hundreds of websites.

The problem with the original free code and files for the page peel I found was that it was only visible in Firefox and the versions that were visible in all browsers was anywhere from $35 to well over $100 and as I am all for getting stuff for free I was challenged to make it work with the Synthasite site builder and not cost me or you a dime. Challenging as that is I hope I was able to do it... ;) Really I am tired of code.............. Real tired ;)))

Rough browser numbers are

Firefox 57.58%
IE 26.07%
Safari 6.48%
Chrome 5.11%
Opera 2.35%
Mozilla 1.44%
SeaMonkey 0.48%
Mozilla Compatible 0.18%
Konqueror 0.13%
Camino 0.04%

I currently get double the IE users than Firefox so you see how many I was missing out on with it only visible in FF. I wanted to ensure that as many visitors to my site were able to see my page peel and need to know how many of you can...

If I can get it to work in the majority of the browsers I can finish my tutorial and share it with all of you in the next few days so keep an eye open for my posting...

Could you post the following

Can you see the page peel? Yes or No
What browser and version are you using?
If you cannot see it has your browser been updated lately?

Thanks in advance and happy site building

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  • eagerly anticipating the results

Posted 10 years ago

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Well I tried it and works great in IE safari and Opera all are the latest versions. It looks awesome by the way! Thanks for the hard work!
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Wowser and I one happy camper...

Thanks Angel

I am so very relieved as I felt like I was almost at my wits end with getting this thing to work. I had only minutes after you posted changed the large image to something else. I hope that looks better ;)

I really am ecstatic because I know that there are so many members that are just going to love this one as much as I am right now. I am giddy with goodness and Christmas spirit right now. Can you tell?

I will hopefully start a new thread late tomorrow with as usual a detailed layman's tutorial with the necessary files for download.

LOOK OUT FOR IT... ;))))))))))))))))

Happy site building
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I am able to see in IE and firefox.
How did you get it to work in firefox???
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Works on Chrome also...As much as I do not like IE,the last article I read on was that IE still has 2/3 of the market share.
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Chrome - good - shows and goes to

FF 3.0.7 - good - shows and goes to

IE 7 - 64 bit - said i need adobe flash player, yet after 5 tries it wouldn't install and I gave up. I then went to the adobe site and it said it is not supported in 64 bit browser.

IE 7 - 32 bit - good - shows and goes to pay pal

Went back to Chrome and checked again - now it shows and goes to pay pal. Guess it rotates what it shows?

This is all with Vista
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i get that relult with FF, it because IE 7 isnt your default browser.
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Hey guys, dunno if you noticed but Ed asked this question 4 months ago.
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HMMM...guess we didn't...pretty funny though!
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Funny how some of these simply pop out of the blue. How many have we typed an answer in just about to send and then ........... notice months old?

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hey i just noticed that!

4 months... thats a long time with only 2 replys,