Can I use a special kind of redirect or anchor link to send users to what I want them to see on my index page instead of them having to scroll down past these huge banners and these other spaces for titles/links etc. that are at the top of seemingly all of Yola's templates?

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Page Jump or redirect/ anchor links, Please help. I need my page to show a certain way, but HUGE Yola banners and the other complimentary spaces they have for titles and links don't allow us to start our websites at the very top of the page... Can I use redirect to send users to what I want them to see first? I tried the redirect but yola loads the redirect location but it gets stuck and constantly loads, and will not allow visitors to scroll down the page. I guess this is because redirects are meant for new pages and not meant to be used within the same page?

BUT Does anyone know how this might be possible?
Another thing... Yola why don't you have the blank template option for your users? ; )
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  • wishing on a star...

Posted 10 years ago

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Hi Yola_User_A,

Are you wanting to create links that will take your site visitor to a specific place on the same page? Here is a link to more information on how to do this: Adding bookmark/anchor links. The redirect script would be for redirecting the person to another page, and would not work in the same page.

There are a few options if you would like a "blank" style. The following styles are plain white with background color/image options:

1. CleanSlate
2. BareNecessities
3. NoFrills
4. SqueakyClean

Hope this helps!

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I am currently using one of these but these still don't let you start from the top.
Do you know why Yola won't let us have a blank template option? Just curious.
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Yeah I see the redirecting script had issues...
I do want the anchor link but I want it to be like automatic lol, so when they come to the page it automatically jumps lol you know like this, it would go here
So it would automatically go to the anchor link "top"
But of course that is wishful thinking, because the link clicked would have to be like what I put above I guess and that's impossible when people are visiting from search engines.
I wouldn't submit a link with the #top ending, that's not good.

Thanks anyway.
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yes, you can do exactly what you want to do... create an anchor on same or different page... I believe you're looking for anchoring to a different page...

On the page your visitors will be sent to...

Paste <a name = 'a1'></a> just before the section you want them to be sent to. change the 'a1' to any name you need. 'donate' for a donate section, 'e' for the letter e in an index, or the title of your section, for example.

How an anchor works is that it creates a unique url. To visit an url, you need a link...

Paste this... <a href = '#a1'>Anchor 1</a><br/> if you're looking to link on the same page. Anchor 1 will be replaced with your table of contents or link text and a1 will be EXACTLY as your other tag above (the title of your section)... keep the # in this tag.

If you're looking to create an anchor link on a different page... add this link to the other page...

the #a1 will be replaced with the name you had given the above tag.


I hope this answers your questions.
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sorry 2 hijack,how can i remove the letters PHP from my link/s
example-channel 1-php
id like this to simply read channel 1