Can you make pop-up text boxes?

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I am loving SynthaSite, but was wondering if there is a way to link text so that a small text box will pop-up with information, and you can just close the pop-up when you are done reading and you are still on the same page you originally were on?
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Posted 12 years ago

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I'm very new to this myself, but I think that in the place where you can add HTML, you could do something like

Then you could change it from a button to an 'onload'

(for tutorials go to

I hope that helps a little :)
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I was just thinking and you wouldn't even have to make it an 'onload' event just make the pop-up from the button say whatever it is you want
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Glad you asked! You can actually do a lot of cool stuff with JavaScript in SynthaSite.

I think that the best solution would be a modal dialog box. I have put up a quick tutorial here:

This example uses JQuery to create a dialog. JQuery is a great JavaScript library, and it makes it quite easy to do some pretty cool stuff

Have fun!
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that is a cool website you have. great job!!
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can we use this with synthasite?
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Hi Monica_unwell

YES! Just fill in their form, click "create", copy the code from the box below the create button. Then in SynthaSite drag and drop an HTML widget onto your page, paste the code and click ok. You're done! Save your page and preview it to test that your pop up box is working.

Cool link - thank you! Super easy to use. I like it!
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Works perfectly!
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This is very helpful!

nonetheless, when my pop-up window opens, all I get is part of my nav and page header. Is there a way to have the pop-up open up not in the header but further down, on a part of the page where I actually have text? or is there a way to create a page, in synthasite, that does not have the header and navbar on top? thanks!
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Unfortunately there isn't a way to create a single page without the header and navbar - I'm sorry i don't have better news!
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actually, i think there's a way i can pull this off using an "a name = top" tag and then telling the popup to open in #top
eventhough with some more research I see that maybe a tooltip might be a better idea.. still looking.. thanks!
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i need help how do you make it to were people can sign up and/or log in?
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Unfortunately we don't have a member register and login feature yet, but we hope to add it in future. We know that many people would like to have people register for accounts and have logins for their sites. We will need to do quite a bit of development to make this possible.
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Can Anyone Make This Pop Up Detail Box (pic added) Or Is It Possible? Coz My site needs a lot of this pop up details, my site mostly are pictures but i need details to pop up stable when arrow is pointing and at the same time I coud put some ratings if possible as well..
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Hello howellmanalo

Can you please clarify if you're just wanting to create a pop-up box? Do you have an example of what you'd like to see on your site and then we can see if we have any suggestions for you.

As for ratings, you can add ratings to your site by using the Widgetbox Gallery, this is how:

1. Drag and drop a Widgetbox Gallery Widget onto your page from the Widget Collections folder.
2. A dialog box will open, search for "ratings".
3. Choose the ratings widget that you would like to use on your site.
4. Edit your settings to customize your widget.
5. Click on the green "Get Widget" button and it will be saved and added to your page.
6. Save and preview your page to view the widget.
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This will pop up text when you hover the mouse over the picture (ignore the top and bottom lines)
Drag in an HTML box and type the line in. Make sure the pic has been uploaded.


<img src="resources/your picture name" width="105" height="70" title="The pop-up text you want">