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their has been someone haven a problem with the same ip coming every few min to site over and over again and couldn't figure out why.

well this person think they figured it out and i have heard of this as well some of you may be aware of what a site ripper is and what it does for those that don't i will explain now.

a site ripper is a online service or program that can download a whole website to view offline and steal you content.some people will do this because they don't want to work and do website themselves or just to steal your content weather it be music files or html code among other things .

install a web page counter that allows you to log on and see the people that come to your website in real time so you can keep a eye out for this.

as of now if you have someone that continually come on with the same ip every few mins and keeps doing this for a long period of time. one thing you can do is if this happens is contact their isp you can whois the ip and find the abuse@email in the whois and send a complaint.

don't think their is a real way to block these rippers beside of adding a password to your site to access and that will pretty much kill traffic to most sites

if tech support or anyone would like to comment on this feel free

as of now be on a lookout for this domain if you whois the persons ip

WildBlue Communications

there may be one way i believe their is a widget that will block ip from accessing your site
i belive the name of it is also Block ip

i believe this will help block suspected or known site ripper ip's so if someone can get back to me that tried this and tell me if this method works
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i ran across this by accident and it had ppl discussing how to download whole websites and what to use may be of help.
can anybody verify this info if the ip ban widget can block these site rippers?