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There are some other site builders that I briefly used in the past before I started using Yola that allowed changing the home/index page of the website in a click of a link or button.

As far as I know, Yola does not have this simple feature, and the only work-around is to move all of the content you want to be displayed on the home page on the page classified as "index" on the SiteBuilder module.

What I think should be added to the upcoming major SiteBuilder release is a simple link or button that instantly changes a regular website page to the homepage of the site. I saw other SiteBuilders have this feature and they are much much worse than the Yola SiteBuilder (not saying its bad, I love Yola's SiteBuilder!), so why not Yola have the same feature?
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  • in love with Yola's SiteBuilder :)

Posted 9 years ago

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Hi Roley,

That sounds like an excellent idea! I'm sending it to the Product Development team for their consideration.

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Hi Roley -

That's an interesting idea, and honestly one we hadn't thought of before. Do you change your index page often? I think we mainly hadn't considered it because most people probably set up their site structure once, and rarely, if ever change it.


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Hello Stephanie,

I usually change my index page every now and then as sometimes I just want to direct any site visitors to the most popular or mainly visited web page on my site without having them to click through a bunch of navigation links or whatnot. As I stated before, changing the index page manually could be a pain, especially if the web page that I want to be the index page has way too much content to copy over to look exactly the same.

I tend to update my site often with new content so I always would like to keep its site structure and content organized in a neat manner. Plus, this could make another great implementation to the upcoming SiteBuilder upgrade, and hopefully, wouldn't take that much of a hassle to implement. :)


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Hello Roley

A workaround that you could use is using the nifty "Save Page As" feature! This will allow you to duplicate your page and then you can switch the index page with the new page! For more information about this, please see our tutorial.

I hope that this might be of help and use to you!
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Thank you! This is quite useful! :)

However, I still believe that the implementation of a link/button to instantly change a web page to a homepage should be considered for the SiteBuilder, as I personally don't think everyone will be able to use the tutorial with ease, or at least get it right the first time. :P
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I agree this is a great idea!
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So you want to be able to change any page (for example, "about") to "index" with a click on a button/link? Good idea!

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Thanks for your comments, Green Girl and Nathan. It's been passed on to our Product Team for review and may be something that we add in future!