Check out my new Website section...

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Check out my new Website section...

3 days and 10 pages later - I think I now have the
infrastructure in place to list lots and lots of Websites

I need help though.... I've spent the whole day uploading 37
of your Websites and I can see this is gonna take forever to
complete. If you guy's could help by Emailing me with:

1) Your URL's
2) Which template you are using (its very hard to tell sometimes)
3) A screenshot of your site.

This would help me a lot. I will still continue to do what I can.

I would like the screenshot in a 500px X 500px format...I know
what your next question is gonna be....... I'll answer that later.
I will refine the picture from there to make it more Web friendly.

I'm hoping the new format will spread the hits more.. as opposed to
my visitors only clicking on one or two site's and then leaving.
If my stats are anything to go by, most of my visitors exit on
my "Website" page after doing on average 3 page views.

C'mon guys, help me here and I'll help you back.
My email: - Don't use my Wufoo form.

P.S. Some of you guys need to practice getting your URL's right.
I had more than 100 Emails in the last 15 days from people wanting
there sites listed. About 30% of them linked to Synthasites home
page and about 30% of them were "404" URL errors. Ok there were
also a couple of non SynthaSite users taking a chance.

Forsite is for all of us. I get nothing out of it besides maybe
bragging rights and a lot of late nights. Maybe I'll list one of
the other sites I'm busy with one day soon.
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Posted 11 years ago

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Boomerdude! That Page Rocks Big Time!!!! WOW! The mouse over previews are amazing. What a way to feature everyone's sites by the template style. I'll be up half the night playing with it. Your gonna be hard to beat in the SynthaSite contest. It's fanfreakintastic! And thanks for the additional link to G.G.
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Loaded 3 new site's

Two of them I had to dig into my memory banks of great sites, and if I remember correctly one was a featured site. The third is a relatively new addition
and a must see:


All those things L.i.G said about you the other day are true Ed.
You truly are a talented individual.
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I couldn't go and do the housework without going to your site first. You've completely outdone yourself, Boomer. It's flawless. Know that your hard work is more than deeply appreciated. Your representation of Synthasite is perfect.
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Thanks girl!