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We're excited to announce that we have made some new changes to the Yola Sitebuilder that will make it simpler for you to build and edit your website.

Here's what’s changed:

1. You can now edit your website in full-screen mode! We’ve made it easy for you to switch to full-screen mode so you can maximize your available screen resolution. Just click on this icon to enable it:

Full Screen Mode

2. Our site building widgets have been moved to the top of the screen making the page canvas less cluttered making it easier for you to build and edit your website. You can even search for the widget you’re looking for!


3. All your sites are now selectable from within the Sitebuilder making it simple to switch and edit another website.


If you haven’t already switched to the new Sitebuilder you can do so in the “Help” menu. Check out the changes we've made today and let us know what you think!
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Laura Thomas

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Posted 7 years ago

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I'm not sure I like it. The menu at the top, with the tabs, is way too big. The way it was before was much simpler and didn't get in the way so much.

It wouldn't be so bad if the menu wasn't so big. That's all.
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Hello Jessica,

The wonderful thing about the new Sitebuilder is that it allows you to edit in Full Screen mode - personally, one of my favorite features! This allows you to have a much larger editing area while still having access to the menu tools.

To access this Full Screen mode, please have a look at the 1st screenshot that Laura provided.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!
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This is an excellent innovation. It's not a big change as such and it has continuity with the previous release. I particularly like the searchable Styles which was a denied issue previously.

I am using a very wide screen and high resolution and as such do not see the shortcomings mentioned by a number of users about an overwhelming creep of menus onto the canvas. Maybe Yola could consider the old xp trick of having a flippable menu either above or to the side of the canvas with an on/off facility?
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The new horizontal toolbar can be hidden by accessing full-screen mode and checking the checkbox for "Hide all tools". Would you prefer to be able to hide the toolbar in normal screen mode?
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Hi Stefan,

The issue that I'm hearing is that the top positioned toolbar is taking up a lot of the canvas.

As I mentioned for a very large screen with higher definition and resolution this isn't an issue. To completely hide or not to hide isn't really the solution for convenience. For people with standard screen size and normal resolution, many of the screens can cope with the toolbars being on the right hand-side because most of that space isn't used. The system of being able to minimise/maximise is effective. Hiding toolbars completely can be very confusing so an always imminent process is good design.

What I felt that an imminent toolbar with either top loading switchable to side-loading would be a convenient and visible approach, which I think would cover most users needs?

I also think that it is not good design to take over the functions of the browser and hide the browser toolbar as a solution for another function. Users should always have access to their browser controls while in an editing mode. That's kind of hijacking.
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Hunter Hastings

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You guys really need to change site bulder back to its old look. Being on a 13 Inch Macbook Pro the widget bar takes up way to much space. Full screen is a huge inconvenience because it is hard to feature other webpages to paste info into my site. Also your organization of the widgets makes no sense. Some categories are hidden. You should at least be able to customize the widgets that you see when signing on as everyone has different widgets they use more often. Some of the widgets I used the most are hidden and you have to click on more and then Misc. Not good organization at all. So lets recap. Basically you added no new features to this update and moved everything around when it was all fine before. I want new features and not moving things around.
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I like the new site builder, the more I use it, the more i like it. I often had to collapse the old widgets panel to tinker with some pages.

The top ribbon is wide from top to bottom, perhaps if you make it about 3/4 of its present width, it might be more acceptable.