CSS Editing of Styles: Understand the Risks

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In the wake of yesterday's release, I thought it would be timely to say a word or two about CSS editing of Yola style sheets and the possible implications for your site.

When someone asks us in support if it is possible to edit the CSS of the style, our response has always been:

"The CSS of our styles cannot currently be edited. You work within the context of your chosen style to build your site by adding widgets to create content. While we do have an HTML editor that allows you to use custom HTML, Javascript and CSS snippets, editing of the basic style sheet is not supported."

Our reason for this is as follows: First and foremost Yola is designed for customers who do not have the ability to code their sites from scratch. Our site builder works with pre-set styles and a WYSIWIG editor.

Our intention is to continually evolve and improve our software, by adding new features that give customers more ways to create highly customized, professional looking websites without having to write code. At the same time part of our plan is to develop to the point where there are more options for advanced users.

Our plan for developing more style options looks something like this:

1) Continually grow the Yola style library to give people more choices (in progress)
2) Offer more ways to easily personalize your style (in progress - yesterday was a first installment with more to come)
3) Release premium styles which are more exclusive, better looking and more professional (coming soon!)
4) Allow customers to edit the CSS of the style sheet or upload their own styles (under consideration - this option may be added in future)

The release we did yesterday included a few great new features. But, much more importantly for our ongoing development, it changed the basic framework of Yola styles to allow us to develop the style library more quickly and introduce even more great style editing features into the future.

With a release of this nature it is always a significant technical challenge to move all our existing sites across in a way that does not alter their appearance. This is something we pay very close attention to and we do all in our power to get it right. However, when customers have edited their style in a way that was never intended and the software was not designed to support in the first place, we have no way of predicting whether these sites will migrate across successfully. So if you edited the CSS of your style with your own custom code, we simply are not in a position right now to guarantee a good result when we release new features.

If you have a site where you have edited the CSS of the style sheet, and your site no longer displays as you expect, please contact us so that we can work through the options available for correcting this as quickly and easily as possible.

We do regret any negative impact on particular customers as a result these new features being released. We trust that you will understand that our intention is always to improve Yola for everyone.

At the same time we are available to assist anyone who is currently experiencing difficult with their sites and the use of the new features.
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  • looking forward to future developments

Posted 10 years ago

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i am looking forward to some more premium features.
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Thats fair enough... If you dont follow the rules then you carnt expect to complain if things go wrong.
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I think Yola gives plenty of warning that certain things are not recommended.
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I am aware of the risk but in some case's I just thought it needed to edit the css. Take this site for example, It's my example blog style for Yep that I started working on last night: http://connormccarra.yolasite.com/blog.php.

1. The flower blog title thing just needed to go as it didn't fit in with the rest of the style at all.

2. The menu background and position didn't suit either so it had to move.

3. And I also changed the font size and hover properties.

I think these changes where needed for my design, and I know the risk and I won't come complaining if it screws up!