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Hey. Is there a way to customise the password protected page eg add
your website logo?
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Posted 11 years ago

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your post - currently there isn't a way to customize the password protected page with your own content. We will pass on your request to our development team!
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i have also got an idea. it is also about the protected pages. is there anyway there can be like a activity log i.e: black: login green: log out yellow: login failure something like that!! jus an idea!!
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Hi there smithy! Thanks for the feature request, I will forward this onto our team for consideration in future releases.

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Claire Parker

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Or possibly could the login box be added into a page on the website, rather than in a separate login page?

Also the log in page is linked to the website Index page, which it opens. The login page is opened each time you go back to the Index page, requiring you to re-enter the password details each time (unless you have set your browser to ""remember passwords"". I overcome this by taking the Index page out of the Menu but I would prefer to keep the Index page in and for the password details only to be required once.
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Hi Claire

The log-in page that you are talking about may be a password protected page. Unless you have opted to place a password protection on your page, there should not be any log-in requirement to view your website.

If you would like to remove the password protection, please follow these steps:
1. Go to the Site Manager tab, click on "Site Password Protection" underneath the list of your pages.
2. A dialog box will open. Click on the button for the page where you want to remove password protection so that it shows as "Public".
3. Click on "OK".
4. Click on "Preview" to view the change.
5. Click the yellow: "Update my Site" button to apply the change to your live site.

This page will then be available to anyone, and they will not have to enter a user name and password in order to view it.

Perhaps I am not understanding this clearly - so I do apologize if I'm off base with my response. =)
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Claire Parker

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Sorry Littleus did not make it clear so I will try again!

I do want the Password Protection.

What I have is a main Yola website which is ""Public"". The public website has links to various other Yola “Private” websites. The other Yola private websites are password protected, each have individual Login details.

The Login Page is displayed, once the link to one of the other private websites is clicked.

The login details are entered and the other website is opened and the first page which is automatically displayed by default is the Index or Home Page.

By default this Index Page is the first heading in the menu. Under this first heading I have all the other pages of the website listed by default. Normal procedure will be for the visitor to click on the other headings in the menu which will enable them to navigate through the website which they can do without entering the Login details again.- so far so good and in line with normal website protocol.

But if the visitor clicks on the first heading in the menu again (the Index page), the login page is again displayed and the login details have to be entered in again before the visitor is taken to the Index page. This happens each time the visitors clicks onto the first header. Now normally in my experience with navigating websites, this does not happen and it is only necessary to enter login details once when you first enter the site.

My workaround is to take the Index page “Out of Menu” on the “Edit Menu“ tab. This means the Index page therefore is not listed in the website menu and that way visitors cannot click on it. Navigation then works fine but I would prefer to have the Index page in the menu as a Home Page.

The problem does not occur if the visitor has their browser options set to “Remember Passwords”.

Overall though I would say that I LOVE Yola and I am SO SO pleased and proud that I have been able to create a “quality” website. The praise is really down to the Yola team though for the marvelous product they have produced.
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Thanks for the clarification Claire. This is something I will mention to our developers to look into.

We are glad that you have found us.
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I think we should be able to edit the looks of the password protected page, is there a chance for this being possible?

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Laura Thomas

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We have logged this as a feature request but it is not currently scheduled. We are however exploring other alternatives to our current password protection feature.
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Steven Houghton-Burnett

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How long does it take to 'explore' this? It has been over 3 years since this was first raised.

Why not just add a 'password' widget to the widget library so that you can drag it onto any of the pages on the site?

Not technically difficult.
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Anthony Harvey

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Its now six years since this idea was raised - can we have a straight no on this?
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Laura Thomas

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Hi Anthony,

I changed the status to "Not Planned" as it's still not something we expect to focus on in the near future.